pick brain

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pick (one's) brain(s)

To ask one questions in order to obtain detailed information or advice. You should pick John's brain sometime. He knows all about car engines. I've just started playing professionally, and I'd love to pick your brains for any tips you might have.
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pick someone's brain(s)

Fig. to talk with someone to find out information about something. I spent the afternoon with Donna, picking her brain for ideas to use in our celebration. Do you mind if I pick your brains? I need some fresh ideas.
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pick someone's brain, to

To gather information or ideas from someone who is presumably more expert or more imaginative. This analogy to picking clean a bone or carcass dates from the mid-nineteenth century. “Do you possess the art of picking other people’s brains,” wrote clergyman Benjamin Jowett (1817–93). For picking one’s own brain, see cudgel one’s brains.
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