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in (good) condition

1. In good, robust health; strong or fit. Boy, I really need to get in condition. Ten years working behind a desk have given me quite a belly! Wow, Jim is really in good condition lately.
2. Prepared. No, the manuscript isn't in good condition for review yet—I still have a few sections to edit.
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in good shape

1. Functioning well or in working order. The TV was acting up earlier, but it seems to be in good shape ever since I smacked it. We'll be in good shape once we get the server up and running.
2. In good, robust health; strong or fit. Sadly, I'm not in good shape anymore. Ten years working behind a desk has given me quite a belly! Wow, Jim is really in good shape these days.
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*in good shape

 and *in good condition physically and functionally sound and sturdy. (Used for both people and things. *Typically: be ~; get ~; keep ~.)
This car isn't in good shape. I'd like to have one that's in better condition. Mary is in good condition. She exercises and eats right to stay healthy. You have to make an effort to get into good shape.
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At the end of the analysis, the research team found out that the physically active people had a reduced risk of dying than the ones who were not involved in regular exercises.
This is why we have physically disabled university graduates, engineers, sportsmen/women, journalists, politicians, lecturers and farmers, etc.
She said the foundation has provided educational scholarship for four people, including two visually impaired brothers, adding that it has also sponsored jingles on the radio, and get-together for physically challenged children among others.
However, it also found that 17 per cent of Malaysian parents never physically punish their children.
In Knowsley, 25.7% of people said they were physically inactive - doing less than 30 minutes of activity a week - compared to 22.2% across England.
A three-judge bench headed by Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed, which was hearing identical petitions and human rights applications filed by physically challenged persons, also expressed concerns for distribution of advertisements to selective newspapers with less circulation.
FIRs are registered against Bhagalpur-based Boys' Children Home run by Rupam Pragati Samaj Samiti and DORD children Home in Gaya for ill-treating the inmates by mentally and physically abusing and assaulting them.
President of Special Persons Rehabilitation in Nutrition & Games (SPRING), an organisation working for the welfare of special persons, Raja Imran, is determined to give a tough time to the veteran politicians of his constituency saying his mission is to serve the people of his constituency particularly, the handicapped and the physically challenged persons.
The MoU with the Ministry of Social Development comes in a long succession of initiatives to support centres for the physically challenged across the country.
Still, many CEOs and executives make the time to take care of themselves, both physically and mentally.
ISLAMABAD -- Becoming physically active after a heart attack can save your life and halved the risk of death within four years, a study conducted by the European Society of Cardiology said.
Senator Leila de Lima, who has been detained at Camp Crame in Quezon City over drug charges, will only be allowed to vote on Sereno's impeachment if she is physically present during the voting.
PESHAWAR -- The physically challenged cloth transporters have demanded the provincial police chief to release their colleagues from the custody of Hayatabad police and take strict action against the SHO of the police station for demanding bribe from them.
According to the press release, Madam Howard-Taylor said government remains committed to addressing the challenges facing the physically challenged people with the Group of 77 being no exception.
London: The European Supervisory Authorities published their jointly developed draft Regulatory Technical Standards amending the framework of the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) with regard to physically settled foreign exchange (FX) forwards.