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get physical

1. Of a situation, to be or become inclined toward or characterized by sexual physical contact. We dated for a couple of months before things got physical. I was having a great time with her, but I got nervous when it started getting physical.
2. Of a hostile situation, to escalate from a verbal confrontation to outright violence. If the kids start to bicker, you should try to separate them before they get physical. I'm used to them yelling at each other, but I was shocked when the argument got physical.
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 (with someone)
1. . Lit. physical in the use of force against someone. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) The coach got in trouble for getting physical with some members of the team. When the suspect wouldn't cooperate, the police were forced to get physical.
2. Fig. physical in touching someone in lovemaking. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) I've heard that Bill tends to get physical with his dates. I don't care if he gets physical—within reason.

get physical

Make physical contact, either forcefully or sexually. For example, Stop pushing-there's no need to get physical, or Thirteen is too young to get physical in that way. [Slang; second half of 1900s]
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get physical

1 become aggressive or violent. 2 become sexually intimate with someone. 3 take exercise. informal
See also: get, physical
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The AHA and NASPE are calling for mandatory physical education for all students.
Schleier [(515 US at 323, 337 (1995)] said that to qualify for the exclusion, a taxpayer must establish that prosecution or settlement of an underlying claim is based on tort or tort-type rights, and that the receipt of damages is on account of personal physical injuries or physical sickness.
When teachers are looking at the pressures of the day and everything on their plates to teach, I don't think they consciously leave physical education out.
More recently, physical activity has been found useful in the rehabilitation of some cancer patients by improving physiology such as lymph flow in the extremities.
The court concluded that Lang was trader a disability from the time she originally applied for benefits, noting that there was nothing to indicate the nature of her physical or mental condition had materially changed.
In addition to the availability of food and opportunities for physical activity that can affect behavior, so too can the way in which physical activity and foods are marketed to the population.
Mounting evidence points to the physical trainer as a critical link in the chain of physical fitness.
Yet another implementation of physical tape creation through a VTL is to allow the VTL vendor's data mover software to perform the D2T data transfer.
Furthermore, if physical activity indeed guards the brain, the question becomes, How much is required to achieve benefits?
Since the fight-or-flight response is designed for physical action, regular exercise is a great way of dissipating the physical manifestations of stress hormones in the body.
Sport psychologists believe peak performance is a consequence of both physical and mental factors.
Towards physical education teacher education's (PETE) goal of preparing competent physical educators, field experience is a highly regarded component (Strand, 1991; Dodds, 1985; Bell, Barrett, & Allison, 1985), and required for national and state accreditation (National Association for Sport and Physical Education, 2001; California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, 2001).
Vista del Monte's program provides physical exercise, wellness education, restorative therapy, and other life-enhancement activities for residents, staff, and many other Santa Barbara community members.
The self-administered questionnaire asked about women's demographic and reproductive background, as well as frequency of physical and verbal abuse in the current relationship, partner's age and the duration of the relationship.
SINCE THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE PROSPECTIVE PAYMENT system (PPS) by the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA), physical and occupational therapy have been under cost-reduction pressures in long term care.