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get physical

1. Of a situation, to be or become inclined toward or characterized by sexual physical contact. We dated for a couple of months before things got physical. I was having a great time with her, but I got nervous when it started getting physical.
2. Of a hostile situation, to escalate from a verbal confrontation to outright violence. If the kids start to bicker, you should try to separate them before they get physical. I'm used to them yelling at each other, but I was shocked when the argument got physical.
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 (with someone)
1. . Lit. physical in the use of force against someone. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) The coach got in trouble for getting physical with some members of the team. When the suspect wouldn't cooperate, the police were forced to get physical.
2. Fig. physical in touching someone in lovemaking. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) I've heard that Bill tends to get physical with his dates. I don't care if he gets physical—within reason.

get physical

Make physical contact, either forcefully or sexually. For example, Stop pushing-there's no need to get physical, or Thirteen is too young to get physical in that way. [Slang; second half of 1900s]
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get physical

1 become aggressive or violent. 2 become sexually intimate with someone. 3 take exercise. informal
See also: get, physical
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2005)], the Eighth Circuit ruled that to satisfy the second criterion set forth in Schleier, you must show a direct causal link between the damages recovered and the physical injuries or physical sickness in question.
A 1996 government report confirmed Kostrubala's findings; the report, Physical Activity and Health--A Report of the Surgeon General, documented that the mental and emotional benefits of physical activity help to reduce anxiety, symptoms of depression, and even improve mood--along with the proven physical benefits in rehabilitation.
In addition, the policy did not make clear whether a disability qualified as a "mental illness" when it resulted from a combination of physical and mental factors.
Although most attention has focused on the commercial environment for food, there is also a commercial environment for physical activity, or rather, for physical inactivity.
We're way behind at all levels," she concedes, noting that her district's elementary and middle schools offer less than half that time and that the high schools have recently cut physical education requirements by a quarter.
Before hiring a physical trainer, managers should know the person's background, education, and certifications.
These solutions fully automate the entire media lifecycle, ensuring that critical data can always be found and is always accessible, regardless of location--on virtual media on disk, on physical tape in a tape library, or on archive media off site.
All were at least 71 years old and demonstrated generally good physical and mental health.
This occurs most dramatically within the first 30 minutes of physical activity, then tapers off.
Secondly, performance in both fields requires concentration, focus and the ability to allow the mind to control physical reactions when the body is under stress.
While most physical education teachers want students to learn, develop lifelong physical activity participation, and value teaching for the opportunity provided to enhance growth and development (Ennis, 1996), other physical education literature has addressed the plague of non-teaching (Locke, 1975) and revealed that K-12 students' experiences in physical education are negative (Locke, 1999), often times due to being bored and marginalized within their classes (Carlson, 1995a).
Vista del Monte's program provides physical exercise, wellness education, restorative therapy, and other life-enhancement activities for residents, staff, and many other Santa Barbara community members.
1) Of women surveyed at two family planning clinics in Texas, 43% and 73% reported physical and verbal partner abuse, respectively.
In this study, I investigated instructional decisions as part of a study of the processes used by middle school students to interpret dynamic physical models of functions and to link their interpretations to tables and equations.