photo op

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photo op(portunity)

a time or event designed for taking pictures of a celebrity. All the photographers raced toward a photo op with the president.
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After all, if Reagan could pull the wheelchairs out from under the elderly and still, thanks to gushy photo ops and a pliant press, appear as the old folks' champion, smooth-talking Clinton-- with the fight communications plan--should also be able to have his way.
I assumed Bratton was there for the photo op, looking to appear gay-friendly at the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation's high-profile event honoring mainstream media projects and individuals.
I waited until the mayor of Los Angeles finished his last photo op with the Girl and Boy Scouts before walking up to him.
Immediately following the Bush/McCain Pittsburgh Photo Op, Democratic National Committee (DNC) National Chair Joe Andrew will hold a news conference with Pennsylvania senior citizens to expose what should have been on the agenda at the meeting.
Gore 'Tapped the Rockies' for 96 Million Gallons for a Photo Op in Colorado
Perhaps he could interrupt his busy photo op schedule long enough to spend a few hours actually running these two entities, rather than turning Los Angeles into a ``lawsuit-ocracy.
Media coverage of the CD-ROM, and his new book titled Photo Op,
I volunteered to stand behind him during his photo op,'' admitted one of the fireman.
Use the window-washing photo op as your engagement announcement or buy the photo taken at the entrance.
Villaraigosa, who became an instant photo op when he arrived, said it was a good change of fortune to have a big business expand within the city rather than take up residence in a nearby municipality.
The snake photo op was one of several new activities added to the annual Open House at the Placerita Nature Center, which was held Saturday.
But the photo op got ugly when a reporter dared to speak to Nick.
Writing in The Guardian she said: "The Conservative leader hopes to distract us with frisbees, floral shorts, and photo ops.
In the ceremonial photo ops undertaken later, representatives may use any religious text they choose--or none at all.