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It was like he could see through my costume and cut right through the customary phoniness of male friendship.
For me it was the phoniness in her voice that English ears just don't like.
Davidman's incisive wit, impatience with any hint of phoniness, and passion for social, racial, and gender justice come through loud and clear.
Grace's Caulfield-esque derision seems to reflect Pure X's general attitude towards making music and the importance of authenticity in their music--as if being polished were the ultimate in phoniness.
The social force against which Fight Club's male characters rebel is figured as a consumer or corporate culture that promotes phoniness over authenticity, the pleasures of indulgence over the rewards of self-denial, mass psychology over individual will and agency, and dependency over self-reliance.
He talked and talked, and from every word arose a strong smell of phoniness.
Masks that purport to convey professionalism only communicate phoniness.
He decides he wants to escape to a cabin out West, but scorns questions about his future as just so much phoniness.
According to the imposter phenomenon, high achievers experience intense intellectual phoniness and are unable to internalize their success (Bernard, Dollinger, & Ramaniah, 2002; Clance & Imes, 1978 cited in Ferrari & Thompson, 2006).
Phoniness may have been difficult for Seymour to tolerate, but he managed to cope with it earlier and he was kind and helpful to other people, as his religion dictated to him, and, most importantly, he seemed to appreciate life.
It's "business as usual" but now hidden behind several new slick veneers of phoniness and window-dressing and buttressed by the sneers of self-interested and dogmatic economic liberals who are nothing less than eunuchs when asked to come up with real ideas to solve modern problems.
Adorno--and later Kracauer--believe that the phoniness inherent to fascist persuasion methods has the potential to unmask the deception of propaganda.
Of course, this has often led commentators, both at the time and afterward, to decry the phoniness of Scott's spectacle of a Stuart-plaided Hanoverian king being feted by loyal Lowlanders dressed up as Jacobites and Highlanders.