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*phony as a three-dollar bill

 and *queer as a three-dollar bill
phony; bogus. (*Also: as ~.) This guy's as phony as a three-dollar bill. The whole deal stinks. It's as queer as a three-dollar bill.
See also: bill, phony

(as) phony as a three-dollar bill

and (as) queer as a three-dollar bill
mod. phony; bogus. The whole deal stinks. It’s as queer as a three-dollar bill. Stay away from him. He’s phony as a three-dollar bill.
See also: bill, phony

phony as a three-dollar bill

See also: bill, phony


1. mod. bogus; fake. This money looks phony to me.
2. n. someone or something bogus. Look here, you phony, get out of my office!
3. n. a phone call where the caller hangs up the minute the telephone is answered. No one was on the telephone. It was just a phony.
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The impostor phenomenon, as a construct, encompasses (1) feelings of intellectual phoniness, (2) beliefs that individual success is based on luck or hard work rather than ability, (3) lack of confidence in the ability to replicate past successes, (4) fear of evaluation by others, as well as failure, (5) fear that one's incompetence will be discovered, and (6) an inability to take pleasure in one's achievements (Clance and Imes, 1978; September et al.
I would love to finally have justice for the murder of my son and the pointless deaths of tens of thousands of innocent people who should be alive if not for the phoniness of this administration.
The patent phoniness of that revolution is revealed in the Bush administration's reaction to an actual spontaneous uprising against tyranny--the demonstrations recently suppressed in Uzbekistan by Islam Karimov.
Salinger's Holden Caulfield, Dean was all about fighting phoniness.
They may be brusque and upfront, but New Yorkers say what they mean and there is no phoniness about them like in other parts of the States when people say, `it's absolutely my pleasure' and you know it can't possibly be so.
Over the centuries their name has become synonymous with phoniness.
Cockburn: A lot of young people are responding to what they see as the phoniness of the world, what they see as encroachments on their own future--by business, for instance.
Texas is still resistant to Howard Johnsons, Interstate highways and some forms of phoniness.
Having Chester point out the phoniness of the situation puts the audience on his side, even though he is, for the most part, a reprehensible character.
Perhaps he speculates, "it's not a good business plan to play up the phoniness and hypocrisy of your client.
The imposter phenomenon (IP) is an intense feeling of intellectual phoniness, a tendency to attribute successes to external factors, and the resulting fear of being discovered as an intellectual imposter or fraud.
This was the Gray Lady in all her harrumphing self-importance and oak-paneled phoniness.
Reconstruction' phoniness and irrelevance are especially noticeable when the producer is unwise enough to juxtapose them with authentic material.
Expose the phoniness of Wall Street reform a la Harvey Pitt, of prescription drug benefits that don't give enough help to enough people, and of leave-no-child-behind education programs that do not provide the money to really improve poor schools.