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Charlie Foxtrot

and CF (The CF is from the so-called NATO Phonetic Alphabet.)
1. Go to cluster fuck (sense 1).
2. Go to cluster fuck (sense 2).
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CF The CF is from the so-called NATO Phonetic Alphabet.

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Since the contested brand used the name Royal Shakespeare', the court found that the two brands are visually, phonetically and conceptually similar, so that the average consumer would establish a link between them.
have already initiated the legal proceedings against GOLDSUKH TRADE INDIA LIMITED in the court of law not to use the Registered Trademark 'GOLD SOUK' or any visibly similar mark or phonetically similar (sound similar) mark or deceptively similar mark amounting to an infringement of Registered Trademark 'GOLD SOUK' owned by Aerens Goldsouk International Ltd.
By definition, words like BABE and KNOWN are phonetically reversible words because they not palindromes, although they are pronounced the same in either direction.
Words are spelled phonetically and can vary depending on the dialect of the author.
On one page, she phonetically spelled pur sang (purebred); on the next, sale race (dirty race); and the next, la mere jaune (the yellow mother or, phonetically, the yellow sea).
He said: "Firms like Budweiser and Coca-Cola have fantastic names because they shorten to 'Bud' and 'Coke' which are phonetically easy.
The SmartListen audio mining allows organizations to utilize speech analytics to index recordings phonetically for easy retrieval and reporting.
VAN, Jan 4, 2011 (TUR) -- An entrepreneur from Turkey's eastern province of Van has founded a new air carrier company, which would go by the name "Van Way Airlines" _ when pronounced in Turkish, "Van" is phonetically similar to "one.
With Google Dictionary, users will be able to see how a word should sound phonetically, as well as being able to listen to an accurate pronunciation.
Instruction emphasizes letter-sound correspondences, phoneme blending, decoding and encoding phonetically regular words, and reading irregular high-frequency words, with oral reading to practice applying phonics skills in text.
The sound was turned off and the 'Dalek' device that phonetically interprets what people are saying was switched on.
The method simply applies a combination of "bold and italic" letters to written text, rendering any word immediately phonetically understandable.
In that case why is it that no effort is made to pronounce Welsh names correctly eg Bryn Turvel (instead of, phonetically, Terr (as in territorial and vel (as in velvet).
What YAMLI does is open the Arabic Internet for Arabic speakers who are accustomed to using English transliteration - phonetically typing out Arabic words into English.
He's fascinated by words and is just starting to learn words phonetically at school.