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Charlie Foxtrot

and CF (The CF is from the so-called NATO Phonetic Alphabet.)
1. Go to cluster fuck (sense 1).
2. Go to cluster fuck (sense 2).
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CF The CF is from the so-called NATO Phonetic Alphabet.

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Also people who have lived many years in places such as Llandudno calling it Clandydno (instead of, phonetically Llandidno).
Haddad and Jureidini designed it that way, recognizing differences in the Arabic dialect and that there are words that do not exist in English which can only be spelled phonetically.
It is an unwritten language that only now is becoming written phonetically.
27, the agency put two suspects phonetically identified as Kim Nam Jin and Han Kum Nyong on an international wanted list for allegedly issuing an order to a suspected operative known as Choe Sung Chol, resulting in the abduction of the Hasuikes in the city of Kashiwazaki in Niigata Prefecture, on July 31, 1978.
The industry body is called phonetically the Shinkin Kyodo System Unei Kiko.
Instead, our focus is on the most commonly used speech tests in clinical practice: the speech reception threshold (SRT) of spondee words, the word recognition score (WRS) of phonetically balanced words, most comfortable loudness (MCL), and uncomfortable loudness (UCL).
Superman's mortal enemy is Lex Luthor: a name that phonetically evokes that of Lucifer.
Lead vocalist Robert Krestan -- singing, I fear, phonetically -- often brings a robust, craggy literalness to lyrics of even the tenderest spirituality, and the band tends to wander off the Appalachian Trail into odd Celtic glens.
Check this phonetically rendered Japanese sentence: Kore jaa marude "poseidon adobencha" no shari uintazu dawa.
Emmerdale star Amy Nuttall plays the phonetically challenged Eliza while Christopher Cazenove plays Professor "Enry Iggins", the language boffin who tries to stop her dropping her Hs.
On the other hand, there are examples in the world's languages, where allophones of a phoneme do not resemble each other phonetically.
It is called Em Eye Doubledee Ellie Ess Bee Are Oh You Gee Aitch, which is Middlesbrough spelled out phonetically.
The program includes The Plight of the Phonetically Deaf: Hope and Help for the Sight Reader, a book by literacy expert Joe Lockavitch.
When viewing Dolch's (1955) research study of 220 most frequently used words by pupils, not all of these words are phonetically spelled.
Finally, sometimes, misspelled words exist that may be spelled phonetically but are not correct.