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Charlie Foxtrot

and CF (The CF is from the so-called NATO Phonetic Alphabet.)
1. Go to cluster fuck (sense 1).
2. Go to cluster fuck (sense 2).
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CF The CF is from the so-called NATO Phonetic Alphabet.

See also: Cf, NATO, phonetic
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For those nouns in the partitive case, where t in the partitive ending -ta, joining the genitive stem, replaces d in the ending, mostly the phonetical principle has been used where the connection with the genitive stem is not shown (-ta).
West Livonian /o/ and East Livonian /a/ marking with one letter), the wish to show phonetical details (e.
De Rachewiltz identified niyu-tan with niyta 'dense, compact', which could fit the context, but the question remains open if the funny form is a simple scribal error, or a phonetical variant of the latter word.
Like Cleaves, Mostaert, or Poppe, Ligeti endeavored to reconstruct the phonetical shape, especially the vocalism, of Middle Mongolian as it appears in the pre-classical monuments.
The recordings made for the present study have been transcribed in the Finno-Ugric phonetical transcription.
The equivalents from the further related languages have been dismissed due to the phonetical reasons.
From the phonetical point of view the comparison FU *witte 'five' ~ Sam.