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The agreement calls for the company to give cell phones to students and faculty at the newest higher ed institution in the state.
Teachers can't take the phones home, and anyone tempted to steal a handset would soon find that it couldn't be used off school property, unlike a cell phone.
Sprint Nextel customers can purchase phones that allow them to download music from the Sprint Music Store.
Dual-mode WCDMA/GSM phones should be popular in Japan, as they allow users to keep their Japanese number abroad and their own up-to-the-minute, all-singing, all-dancing mobile phone handset--rather than switching to a second, less modern phone with a different number to use overseas.
Each radio tower is "tuned in" to the frequencies cell phones use, so it "hears" calls as they come in.
Users can expand the phone system with up to seven additional handsets--all from a single phone line.
In addition, fine-motor dexterity must be assessed, especially since the newer phones have become smaller and, at times, more challenging for a senior to operate.
According to the INFORM report, by 2005 there will be about 200 million cell phones in use in this country, and that at that time there will be a stockpile of 500 million cell phones that have been "retired" and are ready to enter the nation's waste stream.
Cell phones are just part of the problem; motorists also divert their attention from the road to change radio stations and compact discs, use onboard navigational systems and electric razors, and operate wireless laptop computers while driving.
However, according to the 20/20 report, government safety standards are vague because certain phones pass the Federal Communications Commission's safety requirements when tested in one position and fail when held in another.
The phone company provided a list of ESN-MIN combinations for investigators to program into customers' phones.
a, text messaging) on digital phones, Wake Forest quickly realized that mobile phones would need to tie into the university's broader IT strategy, says Dominick.
We develop the applications that run on top of these IP phones, and deliver the other 101 uses of a phone you never thought possible.