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September 6-10, 2006, Dayton, Ohio, Contact Lee Temanson, Phone (703) 425-6315, Email lateman@comcast.
PROMETHEUS (AR-3)--October 6-9, 2006, Washington, DC, Contact Arne Brinwall, Phone (952) 933-0616, Email abrinwall@mn.
Sometimes students pay a per-message fee, which they agree to do when they give up their cell phone numbers, and sometimes the fee is absorbed by the IHE.
A cell phone could easily replace a credit card, since it can encrypt personal and financial details far more efficiently than a magnetic strip.
For example, a phone could work on GSM 900MHz and GSM 1800MHz, while also working on WCDMA.
Cell phones use a specific range of radio frequencies.
Handsets can be personalized for each individual user with programmable ring tones, the ability to select the navigation language displayed--English, German, French or Spanish, personal phone books with storage for 40 additional numbers in each handset and storage for 20 numbers in the missed call and redial memory.
One family member was so impressed by the program that she independently decided to solicit phones from local merchants and appealed to electronics stores to donate outdated models, as new ones arrive.
For its part, the cell phone industry and its lobbying groups note that there are cell phone recycling programs available to consumers (www.
SafeTShield (formerly known as the NoDanger Protective Phone Shield), a quarter-sized mesh earpiece that claims to absorb more than 95% of the EMF waves emitted.
Indeed, the cost to run a successful venture of this magnitude, which would include cellular phone equipment and air time, could prove prohibitive.
For instance, Cisco Systems and Motorola last year partnered to design a dual-mode phone that connects to cellular services as well as Cisco's enterprise IP phone switches.