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and spoof and card
in. to “fish” for passwords and personal information by trickery, on internet. (Sometimes by setting up a phony URL which people sign in to by giving their passwords or credit card numbers.) They must have been phishing to get my credit card number while I placed an order online.


and carding and phishing 1
n. stealing passwords and personal information on the internet. (see also phish for an explanation.) He set up an evil twin for spoofing at the coffee shop.
See also: spoof

phishing 1

See also: phish
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For instance, Wardman & Warner presented an algorithm that compares the sets of known phishing website content files with the file sets of potential phish [20].
In fact, a wedding scheduled at one by two visiting Phish fans was moved to the concert grounds at the invitation of the band's management and Great Northeast Productions.
Some phishing scams may involve a "well-orchestrated, systematic criminal organization," according to Anatomy of a Phish, part of a study by the Anti-Phishing Working Group.
Until now, phishing attacks have been largely the work of organised criminal gangs, however, the emergence of these 'build your own phish kits mean that any old Tom, Dick or Harry can now mimic bona fide banking websites and convince customers to disclose sensitive information such as passwords, PIN numbers and account details.
Non-Avalanche phishing attacks increased 12 percent year-over-year, filling much of the void left by the disappearance of Avalanche phish.
The other, Phishing Attacks per 10,000, helps indicate which TLDs are predominantly used by phishers who employ subdomain services, or place multiple phish sites on a single domain.
Have no means to block customers from accessing known phish sites (11 percent)
Up-Time for Phish Sites Falling, Indicating Counter-eCrime Efficiency Also Increasing