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and PHAT
mod. good; excellent. (This is essentially a respelling of fat and can have all the senses that fat has. This is not an acronym, although there are a number of proposed acronymic origins.) His new car is really phat.


See phat

phat blunt

n. a fat marijuana cigarette. (Phat is fat.) Man, that’s a phat blunt!
See also: phat


mod. not cool; not PHAT. (A play on fat-free.) We had to read some stupid, phat-phree play by some old homie called Jakespeer.
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But Missy's determination to mix it with the phattest and hottest beat masters on the box reaps endless dividends.
As if that wasn't enough, they will also be issued with a set of free, limited edition ring-tones, allowing for the first time, Ericsson users to personalise their T29 with a fine selection of the latest, phattest tunes.
Rewind - The Album Mixed by the Artful Dodger is a double album featuring the phattest and funkiest tunes from the UK Garage scene.
Jonny Mac will have the pleasure of spinning the phattest and dopest cuts from his eclectic array of vinyl.
From midnight, the floor was packed and the best reactions were from the phattest records this year.
With a huge number of devoted followers, expect a friendly, party atmosphere with plenty of bumpin' and grindin' to some of the phattest beats and grooves around.