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and PHAT
mod. good; excellent. (This is essentially a respelling of fat and can have all the senses that fat has. This is not an acronym, although there are a number of proposed acronymic origins.) His new car is really phat.


See phat

phat blunt

n. a fat marijuana cigarette. (Phat is fat.) Man, that’s a phat blunt!
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mod. not cool; not PHAT. (A play on fat-free.) We had to read some stupid, phat-phree play by some old homie called Jakespeer.
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About Gordon Goodwin and the Big Phat Band Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band, an 18-piece jazz ensemble, celebrates and personifies the best of the big band tradition with a very contemporary and original sound.
Looking ahead, he projects Phat Farm will top $220 million in wholesale sales alone and that Baby Phat sales will "more than double" this year.
5--Color) Buddhist nun Thic Nu Dieu Tanh passes by a statue of Buddha on her way to cut cherry blossoms in the garden of the Phat Hoc Vien Quoc-Te Temple in North Hills.
The involvement of popular apparel companies like Phat Fashions Kids, entertainment and theme park companies like Universal, and celebrities such as Raven-Symone add an even bigger and more star-studded atmosphere to WWE and Make-A-Wish([R]) events and ensures that the wish recipients truly have an unforgettable experience.
The Big Phat Phundraiser generates money for high school band departments through album sales from the Big Phat Band catalogue, which includes their new album as well as the soundtrack to the upcoming Warner Home Video DVD "Bah Humduck
Hoa Phat Steel Sheet manufactured high-quality cold-rolled galvanised products, wchih copes with JIS 3321: 2010 (JP), BS-EN 10346: 2009 (EU) Europe, AS 1397: 2001 (AU), and ASTM A792 (US) standards.
Neal Bullock, of the Fat Lads and Phat Lasses, said: "To be given the opportunity to work alongside one of Teesside's most famous sons is an absolute honour for the Fat Lads and Phat Lasses.
So here's my Phat Salad, photographed by my PHAT husband
But I think Phat Pho comes fairly close, or at least closer than any of the other pho joints in the city.
Russell Simmons began Phat Farm in 1992, and it has gone on to become a multi-million dollar enterprise.
MUSIC lovers are gearing up for a wild party this New Year's Eve as DJ Phat returns to The Wranglers in Juffair Grand Hotel, Juffair.
Phat Kev donned fancy dress to imitate the disgraced star for the Coventry University Students' Union event.
In a meeting with the visiting Vietnamese Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Cao Duc Phat, Khalilian stressed the supreme position of the Vietnamese nation among all freedom-seeking people and said Tehran attached special importance to its ties with Vietnam.
In this, Saad has found a like-minded compatriot in Phat 2, a relatively new graffiti writer on the Beirut scene whose ubiquitous tags can be seen all over town.