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petition for (something)

1. To make a formal request via an organized group, and especially in writing, for something to be granted or changed. We've been petitioning for better healthcare laws for the last 15 years. The worker's union petitioned for farer wages and better working hours for all employees of the company.
2. To address a formal request to some person or body of authority for something to be granted or changed. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "petition" and "for." Students from around the country have begun petitioning the government for free public education. You can petition your case worker for an extension on your deadline if you need one.
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petition someone or something for something

to make a formal request of someone or a group for something. They petitioned us for an end to the stringent dress code. We had to petition the upper administration for a revision in the policy.
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He submitted that the petitioner, Hafiz Saeed, and others were not the members of Lashkar-e-Tayyaba as held in 2009 YLR 2475 - a full bench judgment of the LHC.
He said the request of the Counsel to the petitioner was a manifestation of lack of seriousness and the court should not wait for the witnesses or counsel.
The petitioners said they had married to Muslim boys willfully in front of members of Islamabad Bar Association (IBA).
The petitioner requested the court to order the government to remove the difference between its rules and the concerned law and allow the eight year daughter of the petitioner to receive donation of kidney from a non-relative person.
The petitioner also sought full disclosure of information by the Lapsset Corridor Development Authority on the Lapsset corridor project.
7, Petitioner asked Respondents to: 'State whether the Government of Cambodia has communicated to You or any representative of the United States Government any preferred o[r] disfavored characteristics of Cambodian nationals to be repatriated, including but not limited to the characteristics described in Interrogatory No.
Rather, to secure a conviction under 924(c), there need only be "legally sufficient proof that the predicate crime was, in fact, committed." Here, there is more than sufficient evidence to prove that petitioner committed the underlying acts of robbery alleged in counts two and 10 even though he was never convicted of such counts.
Petitioner continues, 'If you divide US$1,000.00 by six months, from February 2017, she has received to July 25, 2017 to the date she gave birth, it means she has received US$200.00 for monthly upkeep'.
The bench have heard the learned counsel for the petitioner and the learned Additional Prosecutor-General, Punjab appearing for the State and have gone through the record of the case with their assistance.
171 (2) of the Insurance Ordinance, 2000 Fact that petitioner was not registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan did not in any manner effect or had a bearing on jurisdiction of the Insurance Tribunal High Court observed that a combined reading of Ss.
* Proceeding pursuant to CPLR article 78 to review a determination of the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles Administrative Appeals Board dated December 30, 2014, affirming a determination of an administrative law judge dated January 22, 2014, which, after a hearing, found that the petitioner had refused to submit to a chemical test in violation of Vehicle and Traffic Law [section] 1194, and revoked her driver license.
The leading petitioner, Masooma Hassan, is an environmental science professional who commutes daily from Rawalpindi to Islamabad for work.
But who is a RPI and why does it matter whether the petitioner lists all RPIs?
The Patent Trial and Appeal Board ("PTAB" or "Board") trial practice guide gives some basic insight: "at a general level, the 'real party-in-interest' is the party that desires review of the patent." This is "the petitioner itself, and/or it may be the party or parties at whose behest the petition has been filed."
Alexander's petition stated: "Your petitioner does not understand why HS2 Ltd have said phase 1 (London to Birmingham) will only go through 19 ancient woodlands, when the Woodland Trust say this is 27.