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petition for (something)

1. To make a formal request via an organized group, and especially in writing, for something to be granted or changed. We've been petitioning for better healthcare laws for the last 15 years. The worker's union petitioned for farer wages and better working hours for all employees of the company.
2. To address a formal request to some person or body of authority for something to be granted or changed. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "petition" and "for." Students from around the country have begun petitioning the government for free public education. You can petition your case worker for an extension on your deadline if you need one.
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petition someone or something for something

to make a formal request of someone or a group for something. They petitioned us for an end to the stringent dress code. We had to petition the upper administration for a revision in the policy.
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On Dec 2, Nawaz petitioned the Supreme Court to again consider the clubbing of the three references.
After the trial the jurors petitioned the Prison and Parole Commission stating that they "did not want to repudiate our verdict" but they did feel that there were "elements in the case that recommend him for parole." They argued that it was merely 'a Negro affray', "the evidence was not entirely sati sfactory" and he "was not a dangerous man." They recommended parole, which was supported by the sheriff, the clerk of the court, the chain gang guards and his former employer.
The third is: Does section 21 of the Charter of human rights and freedoms require parliamentarians as a group to dispose of the redress petitioned for?
Petitioned by the National Environmental Trust and others, CPSC did its own study on phthalates in children's toys more than two years go.
In July 1989, a small group of citizens petitioned the state Environmental Quality Board (EQB) to prepare a generic environmental impact statement (GEIS) on the potential effects of the unprecedented timber harvesting.
Last July, with help from the nonprofit Public Citizen Litigation Group in Washington, D.C., he petitioned NSF to revise its procedures for creating and reviewing grant proposal files and to inform applicants about file materials they're entitled to see.