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petition for (something)

1. To make a formal request via an organized group, and especially in writing, for something to be granted or changed. We've been petitioning for better healthcare laws for the last 15 years. The worker's union petitioned for farer wages and better working hours for all employees of the company.
2. To address a formal request to some person or body of authority for something to be granted or changed. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "petition" and "for." Students from around the country have begun petitioning the government for free public education. You can petition your case worker for an extension on your deadline if you need one.
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petition someone or something for something

to make a formal request of someone or a group for something. They petitioned us for an end to the stringent dress code. We had to petition the upper administration for a revision in the policy.
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26:39,42; Mark 14:36; and Luke 22:42) - "remove this cup from me" - is also a petitionary prayer.
(21) Through his salutary remarks ('besechyng yow, in pe weye of charyte and as I maye be your bedeman and seruaunt' [emphases added]), Gnateshale quickly establishes the petitionary frame through which he wants her to read and consider his request, the social scripts of which Margaret would have immediately recognized, evident in the advice she gave her son, John Paston II, when she urged him to 'petition' her husband's forgiveness by adopting the rhetorical stance of a supplicant (no.
People who were not able to compose their own petitionary prayers (eyn tefilatan shegurah b'fihen) had to rely on a prayer leader.
petitionary prayer on behalf of others is logically incoherent.
If the existence of Jehovah and the effectiveness of petitionary prayer were easily verifiable facts, which Sally could be blamed for failing to know, then perhaps Sally would have a moral obligation to pray to Jehovah.
Second, based on the findings of Jankowski and Sandage (2014) we hypothesized that meditative prayer would be positively associated with change in intercultural competence while petitionary prayer would exhibit nonsignificant associations.
Byrd and Boe (2001) found that the dimension of anxious adult attachment positively correlated with petitionary prayer, suggesting that those who experience emotional dysregulation in their adult attachment relationships engage in help-seeking prayer.
BAESLER, James y CHEN, Yi-Fan (2013): "Mapping the Landscape of Digital Petitionary Prayer as Spiritual/Social Support in Mobile, Facebook, and E-mail".
The Anonimalle Chronicle, for instance, stresses rebels' subversion of the established order through their redefined common clamor and association: "Et les ditz communes avoient entre eux une wache worde en Engleys, 'With whom haldes yow?' et le respouns fuist, 'Wyth kynge Richarde and wyth the trew communes.'" (31) The chronicler's terms invoke the unity of a petitionary voice to portray not legal action but revolution.
9 and 12) and petitionary prayers (under the title of duga, a Bamanan word from Arabic du'a, that generally translates as 'benediction').
The recorded petitionary prayers bring the audience into the play and Groves then dramatizes them being answered.
Our prayers to Him should consist of thanksgiving or petitionary prayers, not doubts and challenges.
At points, he conceives of them not practicing petitionary prayer, only offering thanksgiving, and perhaps even that only through the meditatorial king (Letters 204-205).
In Latin, this petitionary form is expressed by the use of the subjunctive mood: "per istam sanctam unctionem et suam piissimam misericordiam, indulgeat tibi etc."