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petition for (something)

1. To make a formal request via an organized group, and especially in writing, for something to be granted or changed. We've been petitioning for better healthcare laws for the last 15 years. The worker's union petitioned for farer wages and better working hours for all employees of the company.
2. To address a formal request to some person or body of authority for something to be granted or changed. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "petition" and "for." Students from around the country have begun petitioning the government for free public education. You can petition your case worker for an extension on your deadline if you need one.
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petition someone or something for something

to make a formal request of someone or a group for something. They petitioned us for an end to the stringent dress code. We had to petition the upper administration for a revision in the policy.
See also: petition
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Provide a clear and transparent petition process to encourage realistic petitioner expectations
By that time, it contained a little more than 200 petition records.
district judge barred the release of the names, saying that making them public would chill petition signers' First Amendment rights.
Transport 2000 and Friends of the Earth have said the information in the petition is incorrect.
Filing returns: Under the new law, the IRS may request the bankruptcy court to order a dismissal or a conversion of a bankruptcy petition if the debtor fails to file a tax return (or fails to file for an extension) that becomes due after the date the petition is filed.
The act also prohibits an individual debtor from filing a petition under federal bankruptcy law unless the individual has received a briefing from an approved nonprofit budget and credit counseling service.
Unanimous final vote to deny a petition to ban phthalates in children's toys
Granato's campaign dug into the opponents' nominating petition papers and qualifications, launching challenges against all three to eliminate those not "qualified to run for office," said Granato.
25) The Commission assessed the worth of the petition, the character and behavior of the convict, and the likely response of local communities to a decision to release or commute se ntence, voted on the matter and then presented their findings and recommendation to the Governor for a final decision.
The former president mildly scolded Castro's human rights record while lauding the Varela Project that recently submitted to Cuba's National Assembly some 11,280 petition signatures calling for a referendum on sundry human rights issues.
The first measure outlined by Rosenthal was the petition for an Antidumping Duty.
to send out workers to obtain signatures for its petition to outlaw gay marriage.
An alien filed a petition for habeas corpus challenging his indefinite detention and force-feeding during his hunger strike.
intervention in the Middle East to submit an Indictment, Complaint and Petition for Relief from Genocide by President George Herbert Walker Bush and the United States of America, which he had prepared on behalf of the 4.