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pester (someone) for (something)

To continually annoy someone with requests for something. I wish you would stop pestering me about that new bicycle; your birthday will be here soon enough!
See also: pester

pester someone about someone or something

to bother someone about someone or something. Please don't pester me about Frank. Stop pestering me about money.
See also: pester

pester someone into something

to annoy someone into doing something. We are trying to pester her into accepting the position. I don't want to be pestered into losing my temper!
See also: pester

pester someone out of something

1. to annoy someone out of doing something. Dave pestered Mary out of going away for the weekend. He pestered her out of leaving without him.
2. to annoy one out of one's mind, senses, good manners, etc. I was pestered out of my mind by a series of silly questions.
See also: of, out, pester

pester someone with something

to annoy someone with something. Don't pester me with your constant questions! I was pestered with phone call after phone call.
See also: pester

pester the life out of someone

Fig. to annoy someone excessively. Leave me alone. You are pestering the life out of me. Stop pestering the life out of me!
See also: life, of, out, pester
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Prosecutor John Butterfield said the victim had known Quigley for some time and had repeatedly been pestered for money after lending him some once and not getting repaid.
A COLLEGE is paying for one of its executives to see a sex therapist after he pestered a female colleague.
Witness Debbie Knights, who comforted Lambert after the crash, said: "I recall him saying she had pestered him to go out in the new car.
DAMIAN Cooper and his wife Bernie were stunned when they were pestered by debt-collectors who claimed they owed pounds 23.
To avoid the obviously unbearable hardship of being ``continually pestered by beggars'' we do not need tougher police action, we need a fairer society in which nobody is forced to beg.
Mrs Horne, aged 37, pestered hospital staff to test her as a potential donor.
Alexander, of Wallsend, North Tyneside, pestered dad Daniel, 55, to take him to the bookshop early after Harry Potter-mad mum Cassandra, 51, had previously organised a trip to Oxfordshire.
TARGET: Glenda has been pestered for a year by a stalker; LOVE: Glenda with Brian
To suggest I have pestered her is absolutely ridiculous.
He pestered her to go back out with him and, when she refused, he killed her.
I think it's obviously a much bigger issue than actual crosswalks,'' said Merrill, who has pestered Santa Monica city officials for a year and a half about pedestrian problems.
Lance Bombardier Kerry Fletcher, 32, was pestered and sent lewd texts saying he could "turn her straight".
We were there for a laugh, not to be pestered by prostitutes.
Maree claimed Beveridge used to follow her home, pestered her with phone calls and even got hair extensions to look like her.
STUDENT: Laura had sex in hotel; TEXTS: Kerrie had sex on BMW; NURSE: Warne pestered Donna