pertain to (someone or something)

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pertain to (someone or something)

To relate to, be relevant to, or have a connection with someone or something. These meetings never pertain to me, but the boss wants me to be there anyway. It was a bizarre scene that didn't seem to pertain to the rest of the film as a whole.
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pertain to someone or something

to relate to someone or something; to have something to do with someone or something. I don't think that anything discussed in this meeting pertained to me. It really doesn't pertain to the matter at hand.
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pertain to

To be relevant to or concerned with something: In chemistry the word "basic" pertains to substances with a pH factor greater than 7.
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References in classic literature ?
Like all that pertains to crime, it seemed never to have known a youthful era.
The cook, however, thought to himself: 'If the child has the power of wishing, and I am here, he might very easily get me into trouble.' So he left the palace and went to the boy, who was already big enough to speak, and said to him: 'Wish for a beautiful palace for yourself with a garden, and all else that pertains to it.' Scarcely were the words out of the boy's mouth, when everything was there that he had wished for.
One inquiry pertains to allegations of accumulation of assets beyond known sources of income by the PPP leader, while the second pertains to illegal appointments of 352 on government posts.
ISLAMABAD:The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) arrested Sindh Assembly Speaker Agha Siraj Durrani on Wednesday.The case that led to his arrest pertains to the accumulation of assets beyond known sources of income.
One inquiry pertained to allegations of accumulation of assets beyond known sources of income, while another pertains to illegal appointments on 352 government posts.
The article pertains to original jurisdiction of the apex court.
It may kindly be noted that Rule 225 pertains to rules to be observed by members while present in the Senate whereas Rule 255 pertains to sittings in camera of the senate and the disclosure of proceedings and decisions.
The price increase pertains to list and off-list pricing and includes, but is not limited to, the following product lines: Joncryl, Laroflex, Laromer, Laropal, Lucirin, Luhydran, Luron, Lutonal, Luwipal and Plastopal.
Vegetables are seen as "yin" (which pertains to female and cool energy), whereas meat is considered "yang" (which pertains to male and warm energy), while rice and noodles are seen as neutral.
A very narrow curriculum pertains to reading and mathematics instruction, important as they are for all persons.
John Paul II established that status in 1982, with a structure similar to a military archdiocese in that its governance pertains to persons rather than a geographic territory or diocese.
Debate 5 pertains to whether or not governmental policies are solving the problems of homelessness.
As such, ihsan pertains to a person's internalization of islam and iman, the former with the view of realizing spiritual and moral virtues that constitute the essential values of the Shari'ah, and the latter with the view of attaining knowledge of the inner realities of all things.
Students will have to register with Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities (MTCU) for hands-on performance-based training, which specifically pertains to their duties.