pertain to

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pertain to (someone or something)

To relate to, be relevant to, or have a connection with someone or something. These meetings never pertain to me, but the boss wants me to be there anyway. It was a bizarre scene that didn't seem to pertain to the rest of the film as a whole.
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pertain to someone or something

to relate to someone or something; to have something to do with someone or something. I don't think that anything discussed in this meeting pertained to me. It really doesn't pertain to the matter at hand.
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pertain to

To be relevant to or concerned with something: In chemistry the word "basic" pertains to substances with a pH factor greater than 7.
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The standards pertain to administrative, technical, and physical safeguards for customer records and information.
Lifelong learning Several of the articles in this edition pertain to the on-going and complex role of the community college.
It sheds light on a broad range of primary documents, beginning with sources which pertain to instruction in composition, and to the arrangement or presentation of music in different formats for reading and writing.
[] Never include comments that pertain to an employee's race, religion, sex, physical appearance or personal style in any evaluation documents.
The guidelines pertain to all matters under IRS jurisdiction, including income, excise and employment taxes, as well as employee plans and exempt organizations.
Several new interim and final rules, exemptions, and interpretations are discussed that pertain to the limitations of sections 23A and 23B of the Federal Reserve Act.