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pertain to (someone or something)

To relate, be relevant to, or have a connection with someone or something. These meetings never pertain to me, but the boss wants me to be there anyway. It was a bizarre section that didn't seem to pertain to the rest of the film as a whole.
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pertain to someone or something

to relate to someone or something; to have something to do with someone or something. I don't think that anything discussed in this meeting pertained to me. It really doesn't pertain to the matter at hand.
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pertain to

To be relevant to or concerned with something: In chemistry the word "basic" pertains to substances with a pH factor greater than 7.
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This pertains to certification that there are no cultural or vegetative issues that prohibit development of the site.
This pertains to the adequacy and acceptability of the site for the intended use.
Debate 13 pertains to outpatient mental health commitments for clients.
The third component pertains to the methods of study employed in that science.
Given the fact that the structural division of science pertains generally to epistemological issues, it is most appropriate to relate this division to the dimension of religion of Islam dealing with knowledge.
The Kodak patent in Japan pertains to recording heads with a magnetic gap of 0.
But they make for a nice human moment or two, which counts for something when it pertains to movies and, quite often, everything when it pertains to reality.
A major problem of CRTs, adopted on the state level as being mandated, pertains to their lack in having been tried out in pilot studies to take out weak test items, but not to spread pupils out from high to low as is true of standardized tests.
Some of the information discussed at FOMC meetings is inherently confidential - for example, because it pertains to individual firms and was obtained under a promise of confidentiality, or, in some instances, because it pertains to confidential matters in other countries.
The question is whether it pertains to the most recent election or the next election in 1998,'' said Cameron Smyth, Knight's deputy chief of staff, who said the new law also would prohibit the senator from raising funds until March 1999, the year before his re-election.
The "Seamless Expansion" family of patents pertains to methods for media telescoping, such as the cinematic insertion of ancillary or advertising content into IP video streams.
Preliminary numbers from the tabulation, which underwent a rigorous three-step validation process, have the five and a half hour broadcast containing 68 F-words, 34 A-holes, 17 uses of the C-word that pertains to men and 10 uses of the C-word that pertains to women.