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of a/an/the (something) persuasion

Having the characteristics of a certain type or thing mentioned. Her parents are of a more conservative persuasion, so they don't really approve of our relationship. When it came to light that she had several friends of the communist persuasion, she was blacklisted from the industry immediately.
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of the persuasion that

Having the firm belief that something is the case. I actually know someone who's of the persuasion that the Earth is flat. They're pretty normal other than that bizarre conviction.
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persuasion is better than force

proverb You are more likely to have success if you coax or convince someone to do something rather than pressuring or coercing them. In my opinion, persuasion is better than force in the classroom. Disinterested kids will eventually tune out if you keep yelling at them and threatening them with detention.
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of the persuasion (that)

holding a belief that something is true or is in existence. Anne is of the persuasion that supports that candidate for mayor. The paranoid person was of the persuasion that aliens lived among us.
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of a/the... persuasion

(formal or humorous) of the type mentioned: As a young man, Max had always been of an artistic persuasion.peers of the Liberal persuasion
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The company behind "The Persuasion Code" is SalesBrain, the world's first neuromarketing agency.
If you liked the sprawling, decades-long narrative of "The Interestings," ''The Female Persuasion" follows a similar structure, spanning a little more than a dozen years.
Because one can only attend a few breakout sessions at an AGM, I always depend on Persuasions to fill in my gaps.
Meaningful media consumption can result in positive changes for viewers, such as altruism, feelings of connectedness with others, and feelings of deeper insight, life purpose, or gratitude (Knobloch-Westerwick et al., 2012; Wirth et al., 2012), but research has generally not conceptualized these changes in terms of persuasion. However, a substantial body of scholarship has examined narrative persuasion in research that compares the effects of professionally produced or experimentally manipulated narratives with a specific health message against the effects of other genres with the same message, such as an information leaflet or a public service announcement.
Two dual-process models of persuasion (Chaiken & Trope, 1999; Gawronski, Sherman & Trope, 2014), the Elaboration Likelihood Model (ELM, Petty & Cacioppo, 1986) and the Heuristic-Systematic Model (HSM, Chaiken, Liberman & Eagly, 1989) have been widely used to study how people process information via two independent routes in persuasion research.
One example of the fundamental importance of clarity in persuasion is demonstrated in the first module: "Why discussing energy and environmental issues seems so hard...
Now, I'm going to present five key elements -- along with examples -- of all effective situational persuasion success stories:
The statute and case law are silent as to 1) which party bears the burden of persuasion of the affirmative defense and 2) the .standard for the burden of persuasion.
The new website uses AES' proprietary Psychographic Persuasion technology which combines motion, 3-D imaging, text and sound to engage the visitors into a seamless exploration of the entire website.
To understand the true nature of the soft war we must understand the persuasion process.
Persuasion and Conversion: Essays on Religion, Politics, and the Public Sphere in Early Modern England.
In doing so, I have enacted one of the essential principles of persuasion described and explained so effectively in this enjoyable volume.
He begins by visiting four newborn puppies and uses his powers of persuasion to cure overweight Jack Russell cross, Gromit, of his cheese addiction.
He knows well that one or two utterances only are not enough to change Pompey's mind, and initiates his attempt to persuade him by asking questions using a modal WILL, whose illocutionary force is not apparently related to the purpose of persuasion. What should be noted here is, therefore, that it is necessary to analyse the entire context of persuasion, not just these questions, in order to know the intention of persuasion, and that the modal WILL plays an important role in this attempt of persuasion.
Persuasion and conversion; essays on religion, politics, and the public sphere in early modern England.