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persuade someone of something

to convince someone of something. Laura was unable to persuade me of the truth of her statement. We were all persuaded of the need for higher taxes.
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persuade someone to do something

to convince someone to do something. Are you sure I can't persuade you to have another piece of cake? Richard was easily persuaded to have another piece of his favorite cake.
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The host of the ITV1 show said: "Some of them needed persuading.
Hardman is accused of persuading Ms C and another girl to pose together topless.
A few years ago Betfair decided that they could make massive profits by persuading people to stay at home, sit on their sofas and bet on the internet, rather than going to the racecourse.
For Arafat was probably the only Palestinian of our time, given his historical and political stature, capable of persuading the Palestinians, or most of them, to accept the concessions necessary to achieve a two-state solution.
Students understand the objective of persuading their audience; however, they learn to negotiate their audience, to consider the social and cultural implications of their writing, even to the point that what they don't say is as important as what they do say.
Shepherd played a key role in persuading a schoolboy Wilkinson to join Newcastle Falcons, despite admitting to knowing nothing about rugby union.
With the research, the organization persuaded the school system to repair school facilities and assisted the system in persuading state decision makers to approve a new neighborhood school.
Could we make a small start by persuading the highway authorities to include Liverpool on road signs in North Wales, and by persuading Wirral and Liverpool councils to include Welsh on the list of languages with which they greet visitors?
However, we were unsuccessful in persuading him to amend it further to match more closely the approach being considered by Congress, the SEC and the California Board of Accountancy.
TONIGHT'S programme examines the case of Eastbourne doctor John Bodkin Adams, who was accused of persuading wealthy patients to include him in their wills, then murdering them.
Not every cultural attache knew a great deal about the arts--sad but true--but Mason was already a well-known writer on dance, and he enthusiastically took on the job of persuading the American government to sponsor more and more dance in London and elsewhere.
30] Generally these evil orators, as Vickers observes, are no less skilled than their virtuous counterparts in persuading weak or unvigilant monarchs, for they can imi tate other men's styles, improvise, act and pretend, and employ rhetorical structures with ease (1983b, 434).
Harry Barnes wants Premier Tony Blair to take the lead in persuading western leaders to agree to a poverty levy.
For example, automobiles and highways helped create the American suburbs, but they were not invented with the intent of persuading tens of millions of people to commute to work every day.
Persuading suspects to admit their involvement in crimes requires a variety of skills and techniques.