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persuade (one) of (something)

To convince, cajole, or coerce one into believing that something is true. My older brother could persuade me of anything when we were kids. One time, he got me to believe that the moon would fall on me if I didn't stay up the whole night! You'll have a harder time persuading the federal regulators of your story.
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persuade (one) to (do something)

To convince, cajole, or coerce one into doing something. One time, when we were kids, my older brother persuaded me to lick dog feces because he said it would make me more manly. Go and have fun, but don't let anyone persuade you to do anything that you're not comfortable with.
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persuade someone of something

to convince someone of something. Laura was unable to persuade me of the truth of her statement. We were all persuaded of the need for higher taxes.
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persuade someone to do something

to convince someone to do something. Are you sure I can't persuade you to have another piece of cake? Richard was easily persuaded to have another piece of his favorite cake.
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References in classic literature ?
I shall go round and persuade Olive to stay with me.
We could not tear ourselves away from each other nor persuade ourselves to say the word "Farewell
To persuade (another) to recognize the worth or desirability of something.
OUR First Minister keeps going on about how she has to persuade people (ie the No voters) that independence is the way to go.
They are worried the Dutchman fancies a move to a bigger club and hope that drawing up their longterm vision for Southampton will persuade him to stay.
THE Prince of Wales tried to persuade Tony Blair's government to expand grammar schools, former education secretary David Blunkett has said.
Things aren't good in Penrhewl either as Angela tries to persuade Eifion to be honest with Cadno about not having the vasectomy.
Mend the hearts Of Port-au-Prince Look deep into your soul Give aid, persuade, convince Our love we'll measure Give up our guilty pleasures For you, we are there Say the Haiti prayer.
The Persuade collection includes a seamless, one-piece lavatory, a petite vanity, a full-height vanity and a console table, the statement added.
It was very hard to persuade Kurmanbek Bakiev to leave Kyrgyzstan, said President Nursultan Nazarbaev at the press conference in Astana today while commenting the situation in the Kyrgyz Republic.
He is accused of using his position as team manager at the Youth Offending Team to persuade the girls to pose for photo-shoots.
Especially in the campaign "Bare skin, Not Bear Skin" to try and persuade the Ministry of Defence to stop using bear skin for The Queen's Guards' caps.
Politicians and environmentalists can try as hard as they will to persuade people to cut down on their car use.
In short, government may need to tell its citizens why as well as what, and sometimes one branch may feel it must persuade the citizenry to bring pressures to bear on another branch to accomplish its own objectives.
The dictionary of vital expressions; how to use expressions to persuade.