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persuade (one) of (something)

To convince, cajole, or coerce one into believing that something is true. My older brother could persuade me of anything when we were kids. One time, he got me to believe that the moon would fall on me if I didn't stay up the whole night! You'll have a harder time persuading the federal regulators of your story.
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persuade (one) to (do something)

To convince, cajole, or coerce one into doing something. One time, when we were kids, my older brother persuaded me to lick dog feces because he said it would make me more manly. Go and have fun, but don't let anyone persuade you to do anything that you're not comfortable with.
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persuade someone of something

to convince someone of something. Laura was unable to persuade me of the truth of her statement. We were all persuaded of the need for higher taxes.
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persuade someone to do something

to convince someone to do something. Are you sure I can't persuade you to have another piece of cake? Richard was easily persuaded to have another piece of his favorite cake.
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Under a $350,000 deal she worked out with one company, Rentrak, the campaign provided a list of persuadable voters and their addresses, derived from its microtargeting models, and the company looked for them in the cable providers' billing files.
There are sub-constituencies among the religious of America who are more persuadable," says Shaun Casey, professor of Christian ethics at Wesley Theological Seminary.
On most issues US President Donald Trump is inconstant, persuadable, bored and eager to move on.
I would be more persuadable if it were clearer in her letter that she thinks decent and reasonable people can disagree about immigration.
These folks are persuadable, if the message is economic hope something that Obama understood, and Hillary Clinton never did.
html) Cambridge Analytica rolled out an extensive advertising campaign to target persuadable voters based on their individual psychology.
When Mr Brown came on the scene you, I think, were easily persuadable.
There is a disconnect between the things a Democratic candidate has to do to win primaries in California and New York, and what is culturally acceptable for white persuadable voters in Montana.
The resulting numbers gauge competition with secularization in the sense of measuring the fraction of the population that might have been persuadable (perhaps through saint-making) to remain in or revert to the Catholic faith.
every second year," Wieser notes, adding that local TV "disproportionately benefits as it allows for an optimal balance of geographical targeting and a capacity to impact persuadable voters' perceptions of issues.
Its new director will work hard to sharpen the focus, improve the analysis, refine the argumentation and persuade the persuadable to change the policy before more disasters befall the Syrian people, their neighbors, and American allies in Western Europe.
Given these, the candidate can plan the campaign to focus on the voters who are persuadable and the campaign slogan to use.
Walker's triumph over the unions could continue to be a useful tool for him, not only in firing up the GOP base but also in reaching out to independents, 47 percent of whom take a dim view of unions, according to the same Pew poll, and even to persuadable Democrats.