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persuade (one) of (something)

To convince, cajole, or coerce one into believing that something is true. My older brother could persuade me of anything when we were kids. One time, he got me to believe that the moon would fall on me if I didn't stay up the whole night! You'll have a harder time persuading the federal regulators of your story.
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persuade (one) to (do something)

To convince, cajole, or coerce one into doing something. One time, when we were kids, my older brother persuaded me to lick dog feces because he said it would make me more manly. Go and have fun, but don't let anyone persuade you to do anything that you're not comfortable with.
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persuade someone of something

to convince someone of something. Laura was unable to persuade me of the truth of her statement. We were all persuaded of the need for higher taxes.
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persuade someone to do something

to convince someone to do something. Are you sure I can't persuade you to have another piece of cake? Richard was easily persuaded to have another piece of his favorite cake.
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Shields, The Persuadable Voter: Wedge Issues in Presidential Campaigns (Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 2009).
Our measure of easily persuadable voters in a county is the percentage of votes cast for a third-party candidate in the most recent previous presidential election.
(1.) "Persuadable" often refers to voters lacking strong party identification, who did not vote in the previous election, and who rely on local community leaders for guidance on vote choices (Tawakkal et al.
Caption: By harvesting huge amounts of data, the new generation of PR agencies are able to target 'persuadable' voters, including through social media.
every second year," Wieser notes, adding that local TV "disproportionately benefits as it allows for an optimal balance of geographical targeting and a capacity to impact persuadable voters' perceptions of issues."
Its new director will work hard to sharpen the focus, improve the analysis, refine the argumentation and persuade the persuadable to change the policy before more disasters befall the Syrian people, their neighbors, and American allies in Western Europe.
For more than 50 years, if the attorney or consultant did not talk directly to employees and the employer was free to accept or reject the opinion being given, there was no "persuadable" event.
Elaborating these steps, he opined that the first step was to identify the 'persuadable' from amongst a large & diverse set of voter; followed by an understanding of their 'motivation drivers' that shaped the 'relevant & believable storyline' which was delivered through 'holistic engagement platforms'.
Given these, the candidate can plan the campaign to focus on the voters who are persuadable and the campaign slogan to use.
They should target their communications to a segment of "persuadable" employees.
If we follow Glasgow's lead around 80% would come from central Government while the remaining 20% would need to be found by the council who, with Newcastle City Council leader Nick Forbes a vocal proponent of any bid, might be persuadable.
Cllr Robinson said: "Government is persuadable, so let's popularise the campaign and make sure the bid is supported by business and the people living here.
Anne Eliott is too gentle and persuadable, traits that are perceived as part of her femininity.
Particularly if it is true that, in any given scenario, 20 per cent of peopleare with you, 20 per cent of people are against you and the remaining 60 per cent are persuadable either way.