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persuade someone of something

to convince someone of something. Laura was unable to persuade me of the truth of her statement. We were all persuaded of the need for higher taxes.
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persuade someone to do something

to convince someone to do something. Are you sure I can't persuade you to have another piece of cake? Richard was easily persuaded to have another piece of his favorite cake.
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The people who matter now are the persuadables who are struggling to believe they can make room for us on equal terms even if they cannot agree with our "lifestyle"--people who wish us no harm but who are struggling to adapt old ideas to a new situation and who worry about the dizzying pace of cultural change.
The commander observed that the officer should not worry about either of these groups, but rather about the remaining 80 percent who were persuadable.
Parents who may have lost their spouse can also be easily persuadable.
Israel perceives its adversary as a target needing preemption rather than a persuadable entity.
We're going at this as if the senators are persuadable on this vote," he said.
Aware that the propaganda battle centers on the persuadable, rather than the already-committed, Al-Qaeda has pounded away at Obama in subsequent weeks but has yet to land a telling blow.
34) David Frederick, who argued four cases during the 2005 term, says he considers oral arguments a "three-way" conversation, including "the lawyer at the lectern," the Justice asking the question, and "a potentially persuadable justice.
The government expected the elections to occur after the Central-American and Caribbean Games (CA&C) in Jamaica, giving them ample time to prepare a strategy to place those of a persuadable nature in office.
It was Meer who later persuaded Oliver Tambo and Mandela (through the more persuadable Walter Sisulu) to move away from their initially more exclusively Africanist position to accept a broader vision for South Africa and the ANC.
Audience: How persuadable are the individuals in the audience?
This ensures that the number of persuadable voters is much smaller than it once was, which means that neither candidate will ever build up a large lead.
They trick easily persuadable youngsters into signing away years of their lives by encouraging them to think of the army, navy or air force as a fun-filled adventure.