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Fiduciaries remain personally liable for delegated activities performed by their agents.
Razavi provides taxpayers with an opportunity to structure the lease of a dwelling unit so that they can deduct losses while using the unit personally for a longer period than allowed under previous cases.
If a shareholder wishes to create additional basis by means of a direct loan, the shareholder can personally borrow the money for the loan using other assets as collateral.
A week later, Fidler clarified himself, saying minors could be indicted if personally accused of carrying out the killing.
Juvenile defendants in a murder case can be indicted by a grand jury only if they are accused of personally carrying out the killing, a judge said Monday.
Hahn personally endorsed reinstating the program that was dismantled by Parks who believes the SLOs should augment normal patrols and that all officers should be effective community relations officers.
It can be done personally or by a deputy in the name of Allah.
White House officials conducted the 1996 campaign amid a climate of internal fear over their ability to raise record-setting sums of money, a fear that led to recommendations that President Clinton personally solicit contributions by telephone and sent him on a constant cross-country dash in pursuit of cash, according to documents released Wednesday.