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take (something) personally

To be offended, upset, or negatively affected by something at a personal level; to consider something as being a direct, personal attack against oneself. Don't take his comments personally—he's that hard on everyone in the office. I know these comments are all from anonymous people on the internet that I'll never meet, but it's still hard not to take them personally. I'm just afraid that all these people we're not inviting to the wedding will take it personally.
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take something personally

to interpret a remark as if it were mean or critical about oneself. Don't take it personally, but you really need a haircut. I want to tell you something, but please don't take it personally.
See also: personally, take

take something ˈpersonally

feel personally offended by somebody’s general remark, etc: I was talking about people having smelly socks, and I’m afraid Mike took it personally.Look, don’t take this personally, Sue, but there are several people in this office who are not working hard enough.
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Fiduciaries remain personally liable for delegated activities performed by their agents.
Razavi provides taxpayers with an opportunity to structure the lease of a dwelling unit so that they can deduct losses while using the unit personally for a longer period than allowed under previous cases.
If a shareholder wishes to create additional basis by means of a direct loan, the shareholder can personally borrow the money for the loan using other assets as collateral.