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nevertheless, she persisted

She persevered despite opposition or obstacles. The phrase became a feminist slogan after originally being used in February 2017 by US Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in his explanation of why the Senate voted to prohibit Senator Elizabeth Warren from continuing her speech during a debate on the confirmation of Jeff Sessions as US Attorney General. The stories of so many pioneering women can be summarized by "Nevertheless, she persisted."
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persist in (doing something)

To continue pursuing some action with steadfast or obstinate tenacity. Why do you persist in bothering your sister like that? Tommy has been persisting in undermining my authority ever since he was given that promotion.
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persist with (something)

To continue with some pursuit or activity with steadfast or obstinate tenacity. The union persisted with its demands for better pay and benefits, threatening to extend the strike until they were met. I'm not sure why he persists with this career as a musician when he's clearly nowhere close to being successful.
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persist in doing something

to continue doing something. John persists in thinking that he's always right. Tom persists in demanding that I agree to his terms.
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persist with something

to continue the state of something; to extend an action or state. Please do not persist with your demands that I agree to your terms. If you persist with this intrusion, I'm going to call the police.
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Rebellion no longer persists in Mindanao,' Drilon said in a statement.
The new research, published in the journal Nature Medicine, showed that the virus can persist in HIV-infected macrophages.
A sore throat or voice change that persists more than three weeks.
For each "additional" second a yellow light persists, drivers are more than three times as likely to pass through an intersection.
Who persists in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields?
And the message on them was that the club are powerless to prevent police intervention if offensive singing persists.
THE flu virus persists so well on banknotes that money could help spread the next pandemic, researchers claim.
2001), and poverty persists, we can assume the burden of disease due to biomass combustion will also continue to rise (Bruce et al.
Both teams have reported evidence that some superfluidity persists even if the condensate is skewed so that as many as 70 percent of its atoms are of one spin type.
If nocturia persists, your doctor may prescribe DDAVP (desmopressin), which blocks the kidney's production of urine for brief periods.
As a result, the UK pensions regulator is insisting that, as long as underfunding persists, pension plan trustees act as unsecured creditors in negotiating funding with their sponsoring employers.
If this oversight persists, I'll break off contact with the person.
"I believe the question, 'If a dissident Catholic leader persists in opposing fundamental Church teaching, should he or she be turned away if they present themselves for Communion,' has to be answered, 'Yes'" ("No communion for Kerry," Western Catholic Reporter, LifeSite News, May 21, 2004).
It's amazing that this debate still persists, what with the preponderance of alternative forms of media in libraries, but persist it does, which is why the author devotes two chapters, as well as a "Comics in the Classroom" title list, to extolling the literary and artistic merit of graphic novels.
She persists in assuming that male Bildungsroman novelists and autobiographers cling to characteristic fixity, while female texts of a similar ilk develop "hybrid subjectivity." Male Bildungsroman narratives, it is said, seek to establish universals at the expense of multi-dimensional and contradictory characterizations.