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nevertheless, she persisted

She persevered despite opposition or obstacles. The phrase became a feminist slogan after originally being used in February 2017 by US Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in his explanation of why the Senate voted to prohibit Senator Elizabeth Warren from continuing her speech during a debate on the confirmation of Jeff Sessions as US Attorney General. The stories of so many pioneering women can be summarized by "Nevertheless, she persisted."
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persist in doing something

to continue doing something. John persists in thinking that he's always right. Tom persists in demanding that I agree to his terms.
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persist with something

to continue the state of something; to extend an action or state. Please do not persist with your demands that I agree to your terms. If you persist with this intrusion, I'm going to call the police.
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Despite indications of persisting pressures on employment costs associated with tight labor markets, price inflation has abated further, primarily as a consequence of large declines in energy prices.
Persisting symptoms of Lyme disease-possible explanations and implications for treatment [editorial].
They cited indications of persisting inflationary expectations such as the recent weakness of the bond markets and survey results that pointed to expectations of some rise in inflation from current levels.
The persisting slack in resource utilization was expected to be associated with a return to more subdued price increases after a spurt earlier this year.
Members also commented on the uncertainties in the outlook for foreign trade associated with a variety of political risks abroad and the persisting protectionism that currently was highlighted by strong opposition to key trade agreements now under negotiation or under consideration for ratification.
On the other hand, some members noted the persisting increases in M2 velocity.
A persisting though decreasing margin of slack in resource utilization was expected to be associated with further slowing in wage and price inflation.
Most believed that additional progress toward price stability was likely over the next several quarters in the context of some persisting slack in labor and other production resources and after an extended period of slow growth in key measures of money.
With BPD's capitalization levels persisting at these levels, Fitch believes the 'C/D' individual rating appropriately reflects the bank's financial standing, considering the more formidable challenges BPD and the banking industry are facing.
On the other hand, stronger orders for nondefense capital goods portended some pickup in business fixed investment despite the continuing drag exerted by the persisting, though abating, weakness in nonresidential construction; in addition, inventory liquidation was likely to slow from the firstquarter pace.
However, members continued to view further progress as likely, given the persisting though diminishing slack that was projected in labor and other production resources.
In the context of persisting concerns about inflation, an casing in reserve conditions and lower short-term interest rates might well fail at this time to induce lower interest rates in long-term debt markets, though circumstances might change.
The downgrade reflects Slovakia's persisting inconsistent macroeconomic policy mix of fiscal expansionism, a pegged exchange rate, and a tight monetary policy, which has led to a sharp increase in general government and current account deficits, of 4.
With vacancy rates persisting at historically high levels, starts in the multifamily sector remained depressed.
Further declines were recorded in the construction of office buildings and hotels in January, and persisting weakness in commercial construction was signaled by continued decreases in appraised values of office properties in late 1991.