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nevertheless, she persisted

She persevered despite opposition or obstacles. The phrase became a feminist slogan after originally being used in February 2017 by US Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in his explanation of why the Senate voted to prohibit Senator Elizabeth Warren from continuing her speech during a debate on the confirmation of Jeff Sessions as US Attorney General. The stories of so many pioneering women can be summarized by "Nevertheless, she persisted."
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persist in (doing something)

To continue pursuing some action with steadfast or obstinate tenacity. Why do you persist in bothering your sister like that? Tommy has been persisting in undermining my authority ever since he was given that promotion.
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persist with (something)

To continue with some pursuit or activity with steadfast or obstinate tenacity. The union persisted with its demands for better pay and benefits, threatening to extend the strike until they were met. I'm not sure why he persists with this career as a musician when he's clearly nowhere close to being successful.
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persist in doing something

to continue doing something. John persists in thinking that he's always right. Tom persists in demanding that I agree to his terms.
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persist with something

to continue the state of something; to extend an action or state. Please do not persist with your demands that I agree to your terms. If you persist with this intrusion, I'm going to call the police.
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"The 13 women in 'She Persisted' all overcame adversity to help shape our country - sometimes through speaking out, sometimes by staying seated, sometimes by captivating an audience.
2 : to last on and on : continue to exist or occur <Rain persisted for days.>
Nonetheless, to NewCo's detriment, CoreCo's behaviors often persisted. There were powerful forces at work.
If a colleague persisted in making remarks about what nice legs a female employee had, or her boss promised her promotion if she went away with him for the weekend, she should be able to claim that this was sexual harassment, said the union organisation.
Hessler's main argument is that despite the abolition of the NEP, which allowed limited private retailing and manufacture, private trade persisted, albeit in reduced and often illegal forms, and provided a significant proportion of consumer goods to Soviet citizens throughout the Stalinist era.
Blood and sputum specimens were negative for bacteria; HIV antibody test results were negative, but the fever persisted. A follow-up chest film showed a left pleural effusion.
This pattern of DNA migration persisted 24 hr after noise exposure, suggesting the absence of recovery (Figure 3).
Moffatt's work from Nice Coloured Girls, 1987, to Scarred for Life II, 1999, often looks as if it should be understood through the culture of redemption and as the experience of a very contemporary Aboriginality--of indigenous families forcibly separated by racist social policies that persisted well into the '60s, affecting the Stolen Generation to this day.
It persisted for about a year until a particularly damaging night of violence caused it to fold.
These changes in behavior persisted after the female rats, all of whose ovaries had been surgically removed, stopped receiving estrogen.
Even in their 1-month-old mice, more than 70 percent of dendritic spines persisted for more than a month.
Because these risk factors are largely related to age, the youngest undergraduates (18 or younger) were less likely to report any." The importance of the risk factors becomes clearer when considering their impact on retention: "According to a study of persistence in postsecondary education, 64 percent of beginning students with one risk factor persisted in their postsecondary program or completed a degree within 5 years, compared with 43 percent of those with three or more risk factors."
One month later, the cyst had still persisted, so we repeated the procedure.
Second, devotion to Saint Jude has persisted over centuries despite the fact that so little is known about his life.
So long as a high degree of optimism in the stock market persisted, however, the elevated level of financial wealth and the low cost of capital should continue to boost spending.