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persevere at something

to keep trying to do something. I will persevere at my studies and I'm sure I will succeed. Todd persevered at his job and got promoted in no time.
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persevere in something

to persist in [doing] something. I will persevere in my efforts to win election. Kelly persevered in her studies and graduated with honors.
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persevere with something

to continue to try to accomplish something. Do you really think it is wise to persevere with your plan? Sally persevered with her scheme to earn a million dollars.
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From this, then, we perceive Jones' insurrection against the prison-life discourses which perseveringly take hold of our actions and assert a strenuous and continuous materialisation of normative gender standards.
Omar Maani, said that GAM will adopt the symposium's recommendations perseveringly, stressing that it will also implement the applicable ones in cooperation with their partners in the Traffic Department, the Jordanian Institute of Traffic, and the Ministry of Education.
ZHANG, Hui, 'Wilde--Master Who Perseveringly Pursues Beauty', in Journal of Inner Mongolia University of Nationalities (Social Sciences) (China), 35:3, May, pp.
In winter quarters at Corbin's Farm in December 1862, he wrote to his close friend John Preston of his desire for peace: "I greatly desire to see peace, blessed peace, and I am persuaded that if God's people throughout our Confederacy will earnestly and perseveringly unite in imploring His interposition for peace, that we may expect it.
He sincerely hoped that the good beginning would be perseveringly carried on and that the equity swap be completed in an early date so that all Kelon staff may concentrate on their work.
Since this is so," he continued, "everyone must work perseveringly and determinedly, despite all provocation, toward peace.
Educator Friedrich Froebel, the father of the modern kindergarten, goes so far as to say that "a child who plays thoroughly and perseveringly, until physical fatigue forbids, will be a determined adult, capable of self-sacrifice both for his own welfare and that of others.
Collins, who continued most perseveringly by her side, and though he could not prevail with her to dance with him again, put it out of her power to dance with others" (102)--reflecting Catherine Morland's dilemma in Northanger Abbey.
He had laboured zealously, earnestly and perseveringly in this good work, and if we had not enjoyed his assistance -- the weight and influence of his name, -- he questioned very much whether this union would have been so soon and so happily consummated as it had.