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persevere at something

to keep trying to do something. I will persevere at my studies and I'm sure I will succeed. Todd persevered at his job and got promoted in no time.
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persevere in something

to persist in [doing] something. I will persevere in my efforts to win election. Kelly persevered in her studies and graduated with honors.
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persevere with something

to continue to try to accomplish something. Do you really think it is wise to persevere with your plan? Sally persevered with her scheme to earn a million dollars.
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We were solid at the back, kept persevering and managed to get the goals in the end, so there are a lot of positives to come out of it, as well as a lot of improvements as well.
A moment with the Lord: Lord, help us to become Your prayerful, patient, persistent and persevering disciples.
Lisa Marie wrote and published 5 Rules to Persevering In Your Life in 3 days, on the 1st day it was released, it reached #1 Best Seller status on Amazon and held that position for 5 days.
But Bruce then induced Darren Stevens to inside edge and persevering Balcombe had Neil Dexter edging outside the off stump.
Early on we could have had three or four goals had our finishing been better, or the breaks had gone our way inside the area, but it never happened but we just kept persevering and in the end it's paid off.
Bruce Caldwell, manager of the production centre at Ontario Power Generation, set a goal to get his masters of business administration (MBA) and after four years of persevering over odds stacked against him, he along with three others from northwestern Ontario achieved that dream last year.
Within this mass of people, the Catholic Church is persevering, despite constant persecution by the military junta which has governed for over 40 years.
Persevering pool builders in the Pennsylvania town of Bethlehem no longer have to fight City Hall.
The company's continued existence attests to Washington's commitment to persevering, overcoming and building toward the future.
My congratulations to CPC, its partners, this wonderful Bronx community and local leaders for persevering in making this restoration a reality.
Cohen concludes that Descartes's and Newton's description of bodies persevering in the same state "was a revolutionary new concept," and that A.
Most companies prefer maintaining their current market share rather than persevering to gain more.
So he is persevering with that and he's in a half-decent position in the league, similar to us.
He added: Sometimes you have to persevere as a manager, you don't always have big funds and I'm going to keep persevering, I'm going to keep persisting and hopefully we'll get there together.
Persevering in his quest to create an annual excursion for the ladies - and with the assistance of McCain - Smith was pleased to finally host the inaugural event, which he plans to continue every November.