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persevere at something

to keep trying to do something. I will persevere at my studies and I'm sure I will succeed. Todd persevered at his job and got promoted in no time.
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persevere in something

to persist in [doing] something. I will persevere in my efforts to win election. Kelly persevered in her studies and graduated with honors.
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persevere with something

to continue to try to accomplish something. Do you really think it is wise to persevere with your plan? Sally persevered with her scheme to earn a million dollars.
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References in classic literature ?
But I persevered, and used my body in the way Nature intended it should be used--not bending over a desk and swilling whiskey.
They persevered, and I persevered; and still there she lay, in her perfect beauty of form, without a sign of life perceptible; there she lay, to all outward appearance, dead by drowning.
Through all these trials Rose persevered, using all her little arts to please him.
Neglected disease and hopeless poverty were as certain to be his portion as death itself, if he persevered in the same course; yet he did persevere, and the result may be guessed.
Eleven years without real financial backing, but he persevered and created some decent teams in the last few years.
We know that Gideon has persevered against all odds.
When Jesus explained the Parable of the Sower, He said the seed that fell into the good soil and produced its crop a hundredfold represents people who have persevered (Luke 8:15).
But we persevered, and were finally able to provide him his $20 million in about two weeks.
It is a testimony to Wojtyla's courage that he persevered in his faith despite the dark times in which openly professing religious beliefs could easily lead to imprisonment or execution at the hands of the authorities.
In 1989, Hauser and Allen began a follow-up study to see why some of the institutionalized teens had persevered against all odds.
She's traveling a difficult road and she has stubbornly persevered.
But Hugh persevered, and came back with the interview, which we proudly printed in our first issue.
But Douglis persevered, penning a column for ICIE's magazine that focused on how to apply the techniques and concepts of photojournalism to organizational publications.
Still, he persevered and was rewarded for his tenacity: by morning he was deeply touched by the authenticity of Therese's spirituality.
To cut a long story short I persevered and now we don't have any trouble with them.