persevere with

persevere with (something)

To continue trying to improve at or succeed in doing something. Your writing isn't going to be amazing when you first start—you have to persevere with it. Even though I struggled at times, I persevered with my studies and ended up graduating with a 3.5 GPA.
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persevere with something

to continue to try to accomplish something. Do you really think it is wise to persevere with your plan? Sally persevered with her scheme to earn a million dollars.
See also: persevere
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The Molineux boss is determined to persevere with 20-year-old Cassidy, who made a strong impression on a half-season loan with Tranmere in 2012/13.
And he has called for Welsh rugby to persevere with the pounds 1.
We have got to persevere with him, it would be easy after a defeat to rip up the scrip.