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persecute (one) for (something)

To harass, oppress, or torment one based on some reasoning, evidence, or justification. Often used in passive constructions. Our group has been persecuted for our religion in this country for years. The current administration is persecuting us for joining the opposition party.
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persecute someone for something

to harass or repress someone for something. They were persecuting the native people for being underdeveloped. They were persecuted for being simple and unsuspecting.
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And it took just as much of the grace of God to save me as it did Saul the persecutor. And, undeservedly, the grace of God has been at work in my life for all of these 67 years since.
"The convicts were sentenced after they were found guilty of theft, armed robbery and causing harm," said Darfur Crimes Persecutor, al-Fatih Tayfur.
A persecutor isn't necessarily always a person; it may be a condition or circumstance the victim perceives as the cause of his woes.
Paul was controversial in his own time; today he is remembered as a former persecutor of Christians who converted to the faith through a divine miracle, and was crucial in transforming it from a small Jewish sect into a world-wide faith.
The persecutor is the archetypal bully, who acts like an irritated lion.
But despite wanting to escape their persecutor, victims are paralysed by fear and often dare not seek help.
According to Persecutor's Office, Osadchenko is accused of falsification of evidence and attempted fraud.
Despite the fall of their chief persecutor, Makenna and the goblins have their work cut out for them in the real world too.
The detainees had been referred to the persecutor's office, he said
Hitler was a 'persecutor' of Jews, but the 'enemy' of Jews was the power that occupied Palestine, the British.
The Persecutor General of the Court of Appeal of Laayun ordered a judicial inquiry into this issue.
According to persecutor's, Holbert has confessed to killing five people and has been targetting property owners in Panama's Boca del Toro tourist area.
The STL Chief Persecutor Daniel Bellemare, who had previously refused to allow Sayyed access to the investigation files, will face him Tuesday at the tribunal.
In the Acts narrative, the living Lord confronts Saul the persecutor: "I am Jesus" (v.
The chapter discusses stages of treatment (making the diagnosis, establishing working relationships, contacting alters, contracting, establishing formats for communication, mapping the system, ideomotor signalling, crisis techniques, mechanisms for extended internal communication, care of child alters, identifying internal programming, "protector"-"persecutor" alters, responding to "persecutor" alters, postfusion integration, eating disorders, and reassurance), and provides a case illustration.