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persecute (one) for (something)

To harass, oppress, or torment one based on some reasoning, evidence, or justification. Often used in passive constructions. Our group has been persecuted for our religion in this country for years. The current administration is persecuting us for joining the opposition party.
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persecute someone for something

to harass or repress someone for something. They were persecuting the native people for being underdeveloped. They were persecuted for being simple and unsuspecting.
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He acknowledged that the applicant's wife would be eligible for asylum under the Amendment if she had been forcibly sterilized(289) and that her husband would then be eligible for derivative asylum status.(290) However, Judge Villageliu found that the facts of the case did not warrant a grant of asylum because he "[found] it implausible that the natural reaction of a husband whose wife has been sterilized, and who deems it persecutive, would be to then proceed to the United States seeking asylum, leaving her behind."(291)
1998: He is diagnosed with mental illness and said to have "grandiose and persecutive tendencies".
Whenever Indian forces launch any persecutive, inhuman, heinous, criminal movement against the Kahsmiris in occupied region with killings, raping and burning Muslim houses and shops.
seems to be suffering from what Maurice Blanchot calls "persecutive prehension" (405)--a grasping "sick" hand, unable to stop writing, requiring intervention by the other hand, which can confiscate the writing tool and thereby restore what has been written, the text and "its rights," to itself.
A similar unconscious action is used by Blanchot to illuminate the general nature of writing, as he describes a phenomenon called 'persecutive prehension':
Dr Page told the court Dixon's perilous mental state was evident as early as 1998 when psychiatrists said he was displaying "grandiose and persecutive" tendencies.
Dans le versant schizoide, la distance entre les phenomenes elementaires et la cristallisation delirante se manifeste par la variete des mecanismes--et, souvent leur imprecision--que le patient met pour convaincre autrui que sa certitude persecutive est fondee.