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persecute (one) for (something)

To harass, oppress, or torment one based on some reasoning, evidence, or justification. Often used in passive constructions. Our group has been persecuted for our religion in this country for years. The current administration is persecuting us for joining the opposition party.
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persecute someone for something

to harass or repress someone for something. They were persecuting the native people for being underdeveloped. They were persecuted for being simple and unsuspecting.
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'I think the council are persecuting me over this and they are playing games,' she said.
The European parliament resolution called on Egyptian authorities to stop persecuting gays and to prohibit discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation.
But by ignoring the rest of Forte's argument--that radicalized Islamic governments and the millions who share their views are persecuting millions of Christians worldwide--Bush essentially secularized the movement's theology, to the dismay of its proponents.
I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting!" (Acts 9:4-5).
The need is to get the Islamic government in the north to stop persecuting its mainly animist and Christian population in the south.
It seems Christians had no sooner stopped being persecuted by others -- the Romans, the Vikings, the Moors -- than they started persecuting each other.
But enough excerpts have been reported to confirm that he has joined the ranks of those Christians who, in hunkered poses, fantasize that secular society is persecuting them....By declaring himself and his prayer breakfast audience "fools for Christ's sake," Scalia can further advance his martyr complex when critics dissent from his opinion: scorn of his views equals bias against religion.
But if building new mosques, enlarging old ones, attacking Byzantium, and persecuting heretics define a caliph as pious beyond words and allow him to arrogate the definition of an acceptable orthodoxy, as Lapidus sees it, contrasting the Umayyads to the Abbasids in this instance is meaningless since both built new mosques, enlarged old ones, attacked Byzantium, and executed those they considered heretics.