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a contented mind is a perpetual feast

If happy and satisfied, one will not strive to acquire more. Once I reframed my priorities, I realized that I had everything I could ever want. I guess it's true that a contented mind is a perpetual feast.

contented mind is a perpetual feast

Prov. If you are mentally at peace, you will always feel that you have enough of everything, and will not have to strive to get more. Jill: Lillian doesn't make very much money, but she seems to be happy all the time. I wonder how she manages that? Jane: A contented mind is a perpetual feast.
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They were also ordered perpetually barred from holding public office.
He commutes daily from Baltimore, where he tells us he is perpetually rehabilitating his Victorian row house.
The perpetually combative and energetic Conklin regained his consciousness, regrouped, and was again back on the attack.
It is the Oscar-winning producer and director's fifth movie on the perpetually impoverished country--not counting Hannibal Lecter's escape to a Haiti-like island in Silence of the Lambs.
I am perpetually challenging myself: Are decisions getting made at the right level?
The creativity and intelligence that bubbles perpetually up as our thoughts, feelings, ideas, and understandings are coming from the same source.
One thing I like about being perpetually wired is the ability to participate in "instant polls" that pop up on sites such as AOL, the Wall Street Journal, and recently on www.
It's hard to know who is the bigger fool, heartsick Craig or airhead Gary, who perpetually stares upward as if he's checking for brain leakage.
Hardly a city in the Western sense, rather a metamorphic environment perpetually responding and adapting to change and the expediency of the moment, Tokyo is akin to an immense whiteboard--one whose surface can be erased and replaced at any moment with an entirely new set of features that best suit the dictates of the prevailing aesthetics or market needs.
In the New York City region, staffers at a Catholic-oriented shelter for AIDS patients called The Barn for the Poorest of the Poor are also skeptical of government money, even though the ministry is perpetually cash starved.
Again, it is an infallible doctrine of the Church that Mary was perpetually a virgin, and that this is not 'a take it or leave it' affair.
Miller perhaps goes too far in positing the role of author as "a perpetually alternative venue for 'changing the subject'" (143); however, she presents a persuasive case for the decisive role of gendered audience response.
In short, "Odyssey" dramatizes the perpetually temporal, the entirely subjective moment which is at once excruciatingly private yet self-consciously public and representative, both in process and aspiration.
The mobile content market is perpetually changing--creating indefinite potential for industry players," said Gonzalez.
3019) and were sentenced to up to nine years in jail and perpetually disqualified from holding public office.