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a contented mind is a perpetual feast

If happy and satisfied, one will not strive to acquire more. Once I reframed my priorities, I realized that I had everything I could ever want. I guess it's true that a contented mind is a perpetual feast.

contented mind is a perpetual feast

Prov. If you are mentally at peace, you will always feel that you have enough of everything, and will not have to strive to get more. Jill: Lillian doesn't make very much money, but she seems to be happy all the time. I wonder how she manages that? Jane: A contented mind is a perpetual feast.
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I perpetually suffered the ' ignominy and upset of my artwork never being selected for The Gallery
Perpetually was supplied by John Fergusson, bloodstock and racing advisor to His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, who acquired a share in Animal Kingdom following his Dubai World Cup victory at Meydan.
Furthermore, the court stated that the property's use must be restricted perpetually regardless of any agreement between the parties, and, therefore, SMNLT'S approval of any future substitutions was irrelevant.
She returns to the University of Calgary after a two-year hiatus spent in the retail sector at the perpetually busy Apple Store.
A product of ECS, EcoPath, is claimed to be the world's first and only 100% perpetually recyclable commercial entryway matting solution, created to meet facility managers' requirements for safety, cleanliness and durability.
She looked at her checking account, which seemed perpetually drained.
He and his government seem to be perpetually rewarded for failure.
But this ignores the role of our supermarkets - perpetually in competition with each other and perpetually having drinks promotions of their own.
Since then, the CD has perpetually been on repeat in my car.
It could only be Venice, that perpetually gaudy, deceptively beguiling stage for curatorial ambition and enterprise.
Perpetually in motion, Holley expects to fly about 250,000 miles in 2006.
Streb perpetually seeks out new ways to bring visceral experiences to her audiences and students.
* If you sell to customers, this book will show you the surprising thought processes many buyers use to arrive at the decisions they make (or perpetually postpone).
The Tangle Tower by Jessica Elin Hirschman features impressive illustrations from Bonnie Bright and is an unique and entertaining story of what happens to a young woman who perpetually postpones brushing her tangled hair.