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He however appealed to Nigerian youths to shun any offer by any politician to use them to perpetrate any form of violence or rig the electoral process.
'There are indications of their intent to take advantage of and to use the farmers/herders crisis, armed political thugs and ethnic militias to perpetrate acts of violence including bombings.
The plaintiff would contend at the trial that the defendant had given its blessings to the supposed holder to perpetrate fraud on it, and or that the defendant is in cahoots with the supposed holder to perpetrate the named fraud.
New Delhi [India], November 10 ( ANI ): A Tihar Jail official on Thursday told the Patiala House Court that sexual harassment allegations raised by suspected Al-Qaeda operative and British national Samiun Rahman, who was arrested on charges of radicalising the Rohingyas to fight the Myanmar Army, is endeavour to perpetrate security system.
Lawlessness has permitted evil men to perpetrate crimes, and a bureaucrat must be deputized.
Osaka (Japan), Aug 27 ( ANI ): A 42-year-old man in the Japanese city of Osaka has been arrested for allegedly posting a message online that said he intended to 'perpetrate mass murder.'
Because most police organizations do not have a cohesive entity that measures offenses where criminals either criminally target a computer or use one to perpetrate a crime, accurate statistics remain difficult to obtain.
This evidence does not come remotely close to showing that militia members encouraged McVeigh to do anything illegal, let alone to perpetrate one of the most vicious mass murders in history.
These promoters perpetrate prime bank scams throughout the world and claim that they do this continually, making huge profits in a short time period with no risk.
When other risk factors were taken into account, infrequent bullies had 1.53 times the odds as non-bullies to perpetrate IPV, whereas frequent bullies had 3.82 times the odds of perpetrating past-year IPV.
Generally, males (particularly biological fathers) perpetrate these emotion-based offenses.
International law defines those who perpetrate these atrocities as criminals.
Elliott's lucid and mesmerizing, account of her quest is very informative about Israeli barbarism and the injustices it perpetrates daily against ordinary Palestinians.
But it is management that perpetrates these major frauds.
Michael Square in Paris against terrorism, its criminal organizations, supporters and the crimes it perpetrates