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allow me

Let me do it. This is a set phrase that typically precedes a polite action or gesture. "Allow me," my date said before opening my car door. Allow me—I'll open the wine bottle.
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drain off

To flow or move off of something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "drain" and "off." Now that we've fixed the gutters, the rain should drain off of our roof nicely.
See also: drain, off

(something) permitting

So long as the specific thing does not prevent or interfere with some activity or task mentioned elsewhere. We'll have the company in Foley's Park on Saturday, weather permitting. Time permitting, the presentation will also go over useful and nonintrusive ways to encourage client spending.
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weather permitting

So long as the weather is good enough so as not to cancel, delay, or interfere with what is planned. We'll have the company in Foley's Park on Saturday, weather permitting. The latest update they gave us is that, weather permitting, we should arrive at the airport around 9 PM.
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permit (one) in(to something or some place)

To grant one permission to enter something or some place. Do not, under any circumstances, permit those inspectors into the building. The bouncer recognized out fake IDS and didn't permit us in.
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permit (one) out (of something or some place)

To grant one permission to leave or exit something or some place. Do not permit any employees out of the building until they have been inspected for stolen goods. Because of the lockdown, no one is permitted out.
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permit (one) through (something or some place)

To grant one permission to pass or travel something or some place. The CEO is being questioned by the FBI for not permitting investigators through the factory grounds. Her clearance has been verified—permit her through. I'm sorry, sir. No one is permitted through this border at the moment, regardless of their clearance level.
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permit (one) up (something or some place)

To grant one permission ascend something. You shouldn't permit your children up such large, dangerous trees. I don't permit the dog up the stairs.
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permit up to (something)

1. To grant one permission ascend to something or some place. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "permit" and "up to." I don't permit my children up to the attic. The CEO wouldn't permit investigators up to the top floor of the company's headquarters.
2. To allow for an amount not higher than some figure. Our license permits up to 150 people to be inside at one time. Each self-contained office in the complex permits up to six one-person desks. The new law permits up to 60% of earnings to be protected from income tax.
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allow me

 and permit me
Please let me help you. (*Typically said by someone politely assisting another person, as by opening a door or providing some personal service. In Allow me, the stress is usually on me. In Permit me, the stress is usually on -mit.) Tom and Jane approached the door. "Allow me," said Tom, grabbing the doorknob. "Permit me," said Fred, pulling out a gold-plated lighter and lighting Jane's cigarette.
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Could I join you?

 and (Do you) care if I join you?; (Do you) mind if I join you?
Will you permit me to sit with you? (An inquiry seeking permission to sit at someone's table or join someone else in some activity. Also used with can or may in place of could.) Tom came into the cafe and saw Fred and Sally sitting in a booth by the window. Coming up to them, Tom said, "Could I join you?"
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drain something off something

 and drain something off to cause or permit something
to flow from the surface or contents of something. Drain some of the broth off the chicken. Drain off the fat at the bottom of the pan.
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permit someone into something

 and permit someone in
to allow someone to enter something or some place. They would not permit me in the dining room since I had no tie. They would not permit in that bunch of rowdy brats or any other of her friends.
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permit someone out (of something)

to allow someone to go out of something or some place. His mother won't permit him out of his room all weekend. I didn't do anything, but she won't permit me out!
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permit someone through (something)

to allow someone to pass through something. Would you permit me through the door? I have to get into this building. Janet said she was in a hurry, but they wouldn't permit her through.
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permit someone up (something)

to allow someone to come up something. She would not permit me up the ladder. I wanted to climb the ladder to be with Walter, but he wouldn't permit me up.
See also: permit, up

permit someone up to something

to allow someone to come up to something or some place. The teacher would not permit the smallest children up to the edge. They would not permit us up to the gate before our turn came.
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weather permitting

Fig. if the weather allows it. Weather permitting, we will be there on time. The plane lands at midnight, weather permitting.
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will not hear of something

 and won't hear of something
will refuse to tolerate or permit something. You mustn't drive home alone. I will not hear of it. My parents won't hear of my staying out that late.
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— permitting

if the specified thing does not prevent you from doing something.
1997 Classic Boat Time and weather permitting rudderless sailing is also taught, along with spinnaker and trapezing.
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allow ˈme

(spoken) used to offer help politely: ‘I’ll just take these bags upstairs.’ ‘Allow me.’
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The company must simply show that an amount equal to the amount of eligible dividends was invested in permitted U.
The recent IRS notice provides guidance on permitted U.
connection, such as worker compensation, and is permitted to the extent it is attributable to services performed in the U.
94-1, Inquiries of State Insurance Regulators (which is effective for audits of insurance companies' 1994 statutory financial statements), requires auditors to obtain competent evidential matter from domiciliary state insurance regulators that statutory accounting practices that management asserts are permitted indeed have been permitted by the insurance department.
This requirement appears straightforward; however, permitted accounting practices generally have not been confirmed in the past, so the SOP stakes out new territory for insurance companies, auditors and state insurance regulators.
Auditors are asking clients to assist them in obtaining from state insurance departments confirmations of permitted statutory accounting practices because obtaining competent evidential matter is required by generally accepted auditing standards.
The fire-damaged oven is still not up and running, leaving just one permitted oven in operation, he said.
The State of Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has permitted Life Energy's client Green Energy Management, LLC (GEM) to install and operate the Biosphere Process(TM) System in Louisiana.
Nugent, Chairman of Green Energy, said, "Now that GEM/LETH are permitted to operate the Biosphere Process(TM) System by the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality, we are immediately opening the door to promote this environmental friendly technology throughout the United States.
The landfill accepts at the most 600 tons a day, below the already permitted level of 1,000 tons.
The Lancaster Landfill was permitted to accept trash imported for El Cajon in 1994 over objections from environmental groups about the impact on traffic and air pollution, and groundwater quality.
A Permitted Bid is a takeover bid that is made by way of a takeover bid circular to all of the holders of record of ECO LOGIC common shares, wherever resident, which provides that no common shares shall be taken up and paid for pursuant to the bid prior to the close of business on a date that is less than 60 days following the date of a bid.
The rights will not be exercisable and will not trade separate and apart from the common shares at any time prior to a take-over bid that does not constitute a Permitted Bid.
A permitted bid is one that complies with applicable securities laws in all jurisdictions where at least 5 per cent of the company's common shares are owned; is made to all shareholders for all outstanding voting shares; is open for a minimum of 90 days; takes up no shares until at least 66 2/3 per cent of the outstanding shares have been tendered to the bid, including those owned by the acquiring person or group; and meets certain other conditions.
If a person or group were to acquire 20 per cent or more of Biomira's common shares after December 14, 1994 without complying with the permitted bid conditions, then the plan would be triggered.