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permeate through (something)

To pass or seep through something that is not entirely solid, such as a mesh or porous material. The store said this jacket was waterproof, but I can feel moisture starting to permeate through it. The fungus permeated through the thin walls, eventually contaminating every room in the house.
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permeate (something) with (something)

To cause something to become full or saturated with something. Often used in passive constructions. Her cooking permeated the air with wonderful aromas. The extreme rainfall had begun permeating the walls with moisture. His stories are typically permeated with allusions to real events.
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permeate something with something

to saturate something with something. The comedian permeated his act with smutty jokes. The evening air was permeated with the smell of jasmine.
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permeate through something

to seep in and saturate something. The coffee spilled on the desk and permeated through all the papers and stuff. The strong odor permeated through the walls and nearly suffocated us.
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For the packaging industry, Systech's oxygen permeation and water vapour permeation analyzers offer testing of all packaging film, finished package and PET bottles.
Merging the complementary technologies of micro-scale polymer-polymer blends and nanoscale composites to form a hierarchal nanocomposite blend provides additional system parameters whose manipulation then affords better opportunity to achieve broad synergistic permeation resistance.
Sulphanilamide (SN, Sigma, USA) was selected as a model water-soluble hydrophilic drug with oleic acid (OA, Fluka, Germany) as permeation enhancer.
The Drug-vehicle based enhancement approach is exploited to circumvent the stratum corneum and to increase the flux through skin membrane, is used in transdermal research as better alternative method to enhance permeation of drugs through skin [1].
Thomas Priest, KCC CEO, adds another dimension to the benefits of permeation resistance.
In the FlexStream system, primary mixture concentration can be varied over a 10:1 range in the permeation unit.
The 8700 is ideal for use in applications such as beer bottle manufacturing, where oxygen permeability is key as permeation of oxygen through the bottle will have a significant influence on the products shelf life.
lt; 20 cm2), the barrier properties of the skin for drug permeation must be overcome to effectively deliver the drugs transdermally at a controlled rate.
To address stricter permeation requirements for small rotomolded fuel tanks, Cyclics Corp.
They perform three fundamental functions in the maturation of wine-containment, flavor addition, and oxygen permeation, that facilitates complex changes during the aging of high-quality wine.
Kutting's new range of hoses incorporate liner tubes made from VICTREX PEEK polymer, in a proprietary design that takes advantage of the polymer's high mechanical properties, maximizes chemical, thermal and permeation resistance and meets the strictest requirements of the oil and gas offshore industry.
2] current density has been used for permeation enhancement.
Paper formation, thickness, air permeation, and smoothness could also be raised.
Testing and consulting services for films or finished packages include odor analysis capable of isolating the slightest trace of odors as well as desirable flavors, and permeation analysis for oxygen and water vapor transmission rates.