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permeate (something) with (something)

To cause something to become full or saturated with something. Often used in passive constructions. Her cooking permeated the air with wonderful aromas. The extreme rainfall had begun permeating the walls with moisture. His stories are typically permeated with allusions to real events.
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permeate through (something)

To pass or seep through something that is not entirely solid, such as a mesh or porous material. The store said this jacket was waterproof, but I can feel moisture starting to permeate through it. The fungus permeated through the thin walls, eventually contaminating every room in the house.
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permeate something with something

to saturate something with something. The comedian permeated his act with smutty jokes. The evening air was permeated with the smell of jasmine.
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permeate through something

to seep in and saturate something. The coffee spilled on the desk and permeated through all the papers and stuff. The strong odor permeated through the walls and nearly suffocated us.
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"Typical permeation occurs at .01 inches," he explains.
Results indicated that it enhanced the permeation of both salts of the drug by both the lipid and pore pathways (11).
The enhancement in methotrexate permeation was clearly evident as can be seen from Fig 4 when 75%alcohol was applied to the skin prior to iontophoresis.
In the model development of membrane reactor within Aspen PLUSA(r), several assumptions were made to simplify the methane steam reforming and hydrogen permeation process in the FBMR.
The new OX-TRAN 2/40 Oxygen Permeation Analyzer for OTR measurements, unveiled at PACK EXPO International (booth S-1454), helps users to understand precise oxygen ingress through a package.
The permeation flux j(t) = j(x = L, t) = -D ([partial derivative]c(x = L, t)/ [partial derivative]x) can be obtained solving Fick's second equation [partial derivative]c(x, t)/[partial derivative]t = D ([[partial derivative].sup.2]c(x, t)/[partial derivative][x.sup.2]).
Usually the anodic side of the steel sample is coated with palladium to ensure a uniform surface and to minimize the anodic dissolution of the metal during permeation current measurements.
Alternatively, gel permeation chromatography can be utilised to determine the root cause of a polycarbonate failure.
This new combination package offers substantial savings compared to the initial purchase cost of two separate permeation analysers, says Systech, and provides a shared computer interface, shared nitrogen supply and reduced installation costs.
This concerns the moisture that permeates into a blister cavity in very small quantities along the inner layers of the blister's punched edge (moisture permeation is only possible along the punched edge because the base foil's aluminum creates a 100% barrier against water and oxygen).
There is broad industry need for a standard reference material (SRM) to provide a means to calibrate vapor permeation test systems.