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permeate something with something

to saturate something with something. The comedian permeated his act with smutty jokes. The evening air was permeated with the smell of jasmine.
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permeate through something

to seep in and saturate something. The coffee spilled on the desk and permeated through all the papers and stuff. The strong odor permeated through the walls and nearly suffocated us.
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Similarly, the low salt content of the permeate extends the regeneration intervals of the mixed bed ion exchange system, further cutting costs.
As the largest producer of nutritional whey protein and whey permeate in Europe, solely focused on dairy nutrition for more than 40 years, Volac can assure a stable supply and partnership opportunities for growth.
The pressure build-up in shell and permeate sides were negligible.
The protein composition of permeates obtained from the highest flux experiments was virtually identical to the feed.
The carrier gas flow rate in the permeate chamber must be very low (in order to present a detectable carbon dioxide concentration at the permeate outlet) and have a perfect mixing flow pattern.
The Big Bang theory predicted that an afterglow radiation from the young hot era would still permeate the sky today," explains NASA astronomer Charles Bennett.
It is exercised too when they endeavour to have the Gospel spirit permeate and improve the temporal order" (Decree on the Laity).
If an entrapped gas bubble floats to the top of the mold cavity, the gas should permeate into the molding sand before the metal can solidify around it.
When low concentrations of permeate effluent were encountered, the equation that relied solely on reservoir concentrations was successful.
A multilayer polyester bottle with Amosorb 3000 as its core layer traps oxygen before it can permeate the sidewalls.
conditioned hoses continued to permeate at a higher rate than
He defines the unwritten rules, guidelines and language that permeate the workplace and gives tips for developing a game plan.
The permeate vapor can be condensed and collected or released as desired.
Peterson concluded by emphasizing that the Compliance 2000 philosophy must permeate all IRS programs and by saying, "We're going to get there.