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perish from something

to die from a particular cause, such as a disease. Nearly all the fish perished from the cold. I was afraid that I would perish from hunger.
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perish in something

to die because of involvement in something. Four people perished in the flames. Our cat perished in an accident.
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Perish the thought.

Fig. Do not even consider thinking of such a (negative) thing. If you should become ill—perish the thought—I'd take care of you. I'm afraid that we need a new car. Perish the thought.
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perish with something

to feel bad enough to die because of something, such as heat, hunger, etc. (Often an exaggeration.) I was just perishing with hunger when we arrived at the restaurant. Mary felt as if she would perish with the intense heat of the stuffy little room.
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publish or perish

Fig. [for a professor] to try to publish scholarly books or articles to prevent getting released from a university or falling into disfavor in a university. (Also occurs as other parts of speech. See the examples.) Alice knew she would have to publish or perish if she took the teaching job. This is a major research university and publish or perish is the order of the day.
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perish the thought

Don't even think of it. This expression is used as a wish that what was just mentioned will never happen. For example, He's going to give another speech? Perish the thought! This phrase appeared in Handel's oratorio Joshua (1748; text by Thomas Morell): "It never shall be said that our allies in vain implor'd our aid. Perish the thought!" Also see god forbid.
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publish or perish

Produce published work or fall into disfavor. For example, The younger members of the department have a heavier teaching load, but they also know it's publish or perish . This expression is nearly always used for college or university teachers, for whom advancement frequently is predicated on publishing research in their field. [Mid-1900s]
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perish the thought

Used to express the wish that one not even think about something.
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References in classic literature ?
The French invaders, like an infuriated animal that has in its onslaught received a mortal wound, felt that they were perishing, but could not stop, any more than the Russian army, weaker by one half, could help swerving.
He saw himself perishing amid this dreadful snowy waste, and could see no means of escape.
Many efforts were made during this period to organize the perishing farmer class into a political party, the aim of which was destroy the trusts and corporations by drastic legislation.
You are perishing, and you are doomed to perish utterly from the face of society.
NNA - The calamity of cows perishing in Mishmish village, Akkar has not ended yet as another cow owned by Khaled Khalil died today (Friday) morning, raising the number of the perished cows, sheep and goats to 32 since the appearance of that phenomena in the past few weeks, National News Agency correspondent in Akkar, Micheal Hallak reported.
Then she the Czech refugee crisis, internment at home and abroad, confronting the Holocaust, rescuing the perishing, and the National Committee for Rescue from Nazi Terror.
Through repentance, Jesus implies, our end may somehow not result in perishing "just as they did.
He has published her letters in Rescue the Perishing.
The gospels present a depiction of Jesus' ministry as sharply prophetic and part of a long line of such pointed prophetic challenges to concentrated wealth and power, and his death as deplorable and damnable and part of a long line of prophetic perishing at the hands of the well-to-do and rapacious (Matt.
This is clearly one of Whitehead's meanings (Process and Reality, 340), for it is this perishing of being that is overcome by its inclusion within the consequent nature.
All bases are covered, and all stands revealed: God will stop at nothing to bring a perishing and condemned world to life and salvation.