perish with

perish with something

to feel bad enough to die because of something, such as heat, hunger, etc. (Often an exaggeration.) I was just perishing with hunger when we arrived at the restaurant. Mary felt as if she would perish with the intense heat of the stuffy little room.
See also: perish
References in classic literature ?
Let none of earth inherit That vision on my spirit; Those thoughts I would control As a spell upon his soul: For that bright hope at last And that light time have past, And my worldly rest hath gone With a sigh as it pass'd on I care not tho' it perish With a thought I then did cherish.
The veteran trappers and voyageurs of Lisa's party shook their heads as their comrades set out, and took leave of them as of doomed men; and even Lisa himself gave it as his opinion, after the travellers had departed, they would never reach the shores of the Pacific, but would either perish with hunger in the wilderness, or be cut off by the savages.
If we mismeasure this web, break its rules, and destroy it, we perish with it.