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cooling-off period

1. A period of time during a dispute wherein the parties involved do not communicate with one another as a means of reducing hostility and/or reconsidering their positions before taking further action. I think we both need a cooling-off period before one of us says something that we don't mean.
2. The time allowed after a purchase or the signing of a contract in which the buyer/signer may return the product or back out of the agreement without penalty or fee. I'm glad I had that cooling-off period after buying that sports car—there's no way I can actually afford it!
3. The period of time for which waste from nuclear fuel must be allowed to cool in water before being safely reprocessed or sent for permanent storage. If waste is not allowed its full cooling-off period, it could contaminate the environment and poison people.
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doss down for (some period of time)

slang To lie down and sleep. I was so tired that I just dossed down for an hour in the middle of the living room.
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grace period

1. A period of time after a debt has become due for payment during which no new fees, penalties, or interest are accrued. Our new student credit plan offers an additional 30-day grace period on all credit card purchases.
2. A period of time after an insurance premium has become due for payment during which the terms of the policy remain active and in effect. Luckily, I was still within the grace period for my home insurance policy when the basement got flooded, or else I don't know how I would have afforded the repairs!
3. By extension, any period of time following a deadline during which no penalty is issued. Due to his mother's sudden death, James was given a grace period of three weeks to submit his dissertation.
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honeymoon period

The short amount of time at the beginning of a new relationship, activity, or pursuit when everything goes well and seems to be free of problems. Donna was excited when she started her new job, but once the honeymoon period was over, she realized that she had more responsibilities than she could handle. Many couples find it difficult to maintain a relationship after the honeymoon period ends.
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incapacitate (someone) for (a period of time)

To cause someone to be physically unable to do something for a particular length of time. Oh man, that illness incapacitated me for weeks—I still get tired just walking up and down the steps.
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incapacitate (someone) for (something) for (a period of time)

To cause someone to be physically unable to do something for a particular length of time. Oh, Tiffany's not that sick—this illness won't incapacitate her for her chores for long, I'll see to that!
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last for (some period of time)

To endure (something) for a certain period of time. The brake pads need to be replaced already? Wow, they didn't last for very long. I hope we get to the hotel soon—the kids aren’t going to last in the car for much longer. The phone says its battery should last for 40 hours of normal usage.
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Used to emphasize the finality of one's statement, indicating that one has nothing further to add or elaborate. I'm not going to tell you again. There is no way I am getting on that airplane—period! With our deal, you won't pay $100, only to have hidden fees and charges inflate the bill out of nowhere. If you go with us, you pay $100, period.

silent period

1. A period of time in which radio stations must be silent in order to listen for distress calls, as of ships at sea. It was during the silent period that the Mayday call came through from the capsizing vessel.
2. A period of time in which someone learning a second language can understand it but cannot yet speak it. How long does the silent period last when children are learning English as a second language?
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while away

To spend an amount of time idly, pleasantly, or in a carefree manner. Often used in the phrase "while away the hours." A noun or pronoun can be used between "while" and "away." When we were kids, we would while away the hours on rainy days just drawing pictures and reading books. Don't just while the summer away—set a goal for yourself and do something constructive.
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while a period of time away (doing something)

to spend or waste time doing something. I whiled an hour away just staring at the sea. Liz whiled away the entire afternoon, snoozing. I just love to while away the hours.
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while away

Spend time idly or pleasantly, as in It was a beautiful day and we whiled away the hours in the garden. This expression is the only surviving use of the verb while, meaning "to spend time." [First half of 1600s]
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a/the ˈhoneymoon period

a period of time at the beginning of something, for example a relationship, a job, a period in government, etc., when everybody is pleased with you and there appear to be no problems: The honeymoon period is over now for the new President.
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while away

To spend some duration of time idly or pleasantly: The campers whiled the hours away by singing songs. We whiled away the summer.
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honeymoon (period)

and honeymoon stage
n. an early stage in any activity, before problems set in. You’ll know the honeymoon period is over when everything seems to go wrong at once. Of course, this is still the honeymoon stage, but everything seems to be going all right.
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exclam. . . . and that’s final! (A way of indicating that there will be no more discussion or negotiation.) My final offer is $30. Period!
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A "standard measurement period" is a period of at least three but not more than 12 consecutive months that an employer uses in determining whether an ongoing employee is a full-time employee.
The "black out period" duration (i.e., "Restricted Contract Period") is as follow:
To define the incubation period for Andes virus infection, we identified 20 patients with a well-defined period of exposure to a high-risk area among 106 persons with HCPS enrolled in research protocols (treatment interventions, contact studies, quantitative viremia during HCPS) or interviewed by 1 of the authors.
One idea: Since the animals had become so adapted (adjusted) to a chilly climate, their bodies were no longer able to cope with the heat of an interglacial period.
Every three weeks they selected their best work from that period (worksheets, planning sheets, calculations, artifacts, etc.) to place in their portfolios.
Some governments provide benefits intended to hasten an employee's voluntary termination of services, sometimes referred to as early-retirement incentives, which may be offered for a short period of time or, in some cases, may be part of a longer-standing offer.
Rental Value sustained by the Insured due the necessary 'suspension' of the Insured's "operations' during the 'period of restoration.' "The policy defines "period of restoration" as beginning on "the date and time of the direct physical loss or damage" and, absent resumption of operations at a new permanent location, ending on "[t]he date when the property should be repaired, rebuilt or replaced with reasonable speed and similar quality." Since Silverstein did not intend to resume business in a new, permanent location, the court was left to determine the meaning of the phrase "when property should be repaired, rebuilt or replaced with reasonable speed and similar quality."
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"There is no rationale found in any commentary for the seven-year time period stated in 103.
In addition, for each one-hour period of operation of combustion turbines, the permittee should correct the emissions of nitrogen oxides to 15 percent oxygen.