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at (one's) own peril

Done with the foreknowledge or forewarning that there is implied danger, especially of loss of life, which one must accept as one's own responsibility. Those who skydive do so at their own peril.
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(do something) at your (own) ˈperil

(often used as a warning) at the risk of serious danger: People who go climbing in winter do so at their own peril.You go in Mike’s car at your peril. He’s a terrible driver.
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fraught with danger/peril

Very risky indeed. Fraught with means “full of ” and is rarely used today except in the sense of something undesirable. The expression, a cliché since the nineteenth century, first appeared in print in 1576 as “fraught with difficulties”; the precise cliché was first cited by the OED as appearing in 1864 in H. Ainsworth’s Tower of London: “This measure . . . is fraught with danger.”
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Circular Letter 8-2007 (April 23, 2007) imposed a maximum commission rate of 15 percent for policies with a single composite rate (covering fire and allied perils inclusive of natural perils).
W h e n coverage is written on a named peril basis, the burden is on the insured to prove that one of the named perils caused the loss.
Synopsis: Compiled and edited by investigative journalist and Pulitzer Prize winner David Cay Johnston, "Divided: The Perils of Our Growing Inequality " is a compilation of the writings of leading scholars, activists, and journalists (including Elizabeth Warren, President Barack Obama, Joseph E.
Find out how she does it in "The Perils of Pauline", an uproarious tale of an intrepid every-woman stepping through the challenges of rebuilding her life while learning that there's actually more to discover about herself than she ever dreamed possible.
It depends on whether your policy provides coverage for named perils or open perils.
From at least the time of the Phoenicians to the present day, sea perils have been dreaded by mariners worldwide.
However, if the carpet is an area rug, there is no coverage to remove a cocoa stain, as there is no sloppy elf included in the named perils for personal property.
Since 2000, Executive Perils has earned industry recognition as a leader in management liability, professional liability, cyber liability insurance, and more.
The Special Property Coverage form (BP 00 03) provides special open perils coverage.
List the perils covered by Basic Causes of Loss form, CP 10 10 and the Broad Causes of Loss form, CP 10 20
Michael's painting was based on the Homer work Perils of the Sea, featuring the Watch House, and was one of a number of works which the artist produced when he lived in Cullercoats from 1881.
From anthropological race theory and Asian immigration to Darwinian evidence of struggle between 'civilized' and 'savage' forces, SAVAGE PERILS juxtaposes both military and social history in an analysis perfect for college-level social science holdings.
Explain the concepts of special and named perils property coverage
T]he University of Southern California and the journal 'Science' convened a panel of scientific innovators to look at the promise and the perils of technology.
Richards, no longer provides double recovery for insureds with multiple insurance policies covering separate perils that combine to render a property a total loss.