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at (one's) own peril

Done with the foreknowledge or forewarning that there is implied danger, especially of loss of life, which one must accept as one's own responsibility. Those who skydive do so at their own peril.
See also: own, peril

(do something) at your (own) ˈperil

(often used as a warning) at the risk of serious danger: People who go climbing in winter do so at their own peril.You go in Mike’s car at your peril. He’s a terrible driver.
See also: peril
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VVWHAT they say Simon Crisford, trainer of Peril He goes into the race in good form.
It depends on whether your policy provides coverage for named perils or open perils.
32) Uniformity in the qualification of the sea peril exception in the six jurisdictions will be the guiding principle of the present study.
Unfortunately damage to trees, shrubs, and plants are named perils, but falling elves is not a named peril.
Lightning is another peril that is not defined in the policy.
Concurrent causation doctrine--Holds that losses are covered if caused jointly by an excluded peril, such as flooding or earth movement, and some other peril not excluded by the policy, such as negligent construction.
In this book, which mainly covers the mid-19th to mid-20th centuries, Peril argues that the concept of the college girl has challenged cultural ideas about womanhood and femininity and has been "a lightning rod for criticism, advice and regulation.
Consequential loss--Damage not a direct result of a covered peril, and thereby not covered, but a by-product of the damage, i.
Peril examines representations of the "college girl" in US history in books and magazines, student handbooks, and other materials.
Our partners saw in the EHP Focus article "Paving Paradise: The Peril of Impervious Surfaces" (Frazer 2005) the statement on page A459: "Asphalt is one concern, as it contains coal tar pitch, a recognized human carcinogen.
While double payments for a property violate the basic principles of indemnity, the insurer who was aware of another policy covering the risk for same peril could not thereafter complain of the insured's windfall.
RIDERS: Of those riders offered with a multi peril policy, the most common are: Earthquake, Flood, Terrorism, and Sewer Backup insurance.
Donald Graves--whose previous books include Field of Glory: The Battle of Crysler's Farm, 1813, Where Right and Glory Lead: The Battle of Lundy's Lane, 1814; Fighting for Canada: Seven Battles, 1758-1945; and South Albertas: A Canadian Regiment at War--has rightly been called the "the master of the battlefield narrative," an epithet he lives up to as he turns his attention to the sea and the Battle of the Atlantic with In Peril of the Sea.
Black Peril, White Virtue: Sexual Crime in Southern Rhodesia, 1902-1935.