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a little later, perhaps

Not today or right at this moment. A: "What do you say we go and hit the bars?" B: "A little later, perhaps, on a day when I'm not feeling so tired." A: "Would you like to review the notes?" B: "A little later, perhaps. Let's focus on re-calibrating the device, first."
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perhaps a little later

Not today or right at this moment. A: "What do you say we go and hit the bars?" B: "I'm a bit too tired for any drinking today, but perhaps a little later on in our trip." A: "Would you like to review the notes?" B: "Perhaps a little later. Let's focus on re-calibrating the device, first."
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Perhaps a little later.

Not now, but possibly later. Waiter: Would you like your coffee now? Bob: Perhaps a little later. Waiter: All right. Sally: Hey, Bill, how about a swim? Bob: Sounds good, but not now. Perhaps a little later. Sally: Okay. See you later.
See also: later, little, perhaps
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Perhaps, too, he thought of me: perhaps he regretted the part he had had in preventing our union, by omitting to help us, if not by actually plotting against us.
Perhaps we should simply accept the status quo and view it all as a collective and magnificent madness - a supreme circus and rollercoaster of endless low and high comedy.
WHEREAS I have no objection to any local authority increasing town centre parking charges, typified by Newcastle (reported in the Chronicle on June 7), perhaps for the North East attention should be directed to out-of-town shopping malls.
Louis, Zinn writes: "And here there were perhaps a thousand members of the Workingmen's Party .
Most of the foregoing observations belong in the study (or perhaps in a Bible class on the lectionary), not the sermon itself.
If Austrian born Cambridge based Ludwig Josef Johann Wittgenstein (1889-1951), perhaps the most significant linguistic philosopher of the Twentieth Century is correct.
Language is where the book's syncretism is perhaps most salient.
Better and more sophisticated measurements are useful and very necessary, but the role of chance with respect to uncertain (and perhaps unknowable) thresholds and contingencies is ever-present and profound.
That year--starting in September 1996--is a crucial period in Hartcher's account, perhaps the only time that Greenspan could have raised interest rates without harming the economy.
So you hear people speak of "native plants" in the landscape and perhaps you imagine that they are describing the empty, lot near your house, all tangled up in multiflora rose and Asian bittersweet.
She is helped by a mysterious creature, Ay Pook, perhaps a witch, perhaps a forest goddess named Yanasa, perhaps a vicious jungle cat who attacks Raul.
What we have been watching unfold on our TV screens each evening are perhaps, as Steyn suggests, the "opening shots in the forthcoming war of Eurabia.
Perhaps the delicate//spider will catch a black fly, or a moth.