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perform miracles

To achieve extraordinary results, especially in trying to improve a situation. The therapist we hired has performed miracles with Johnny's behavioral issues. If we're going to bring this company back to its former glory, we'll need a marketing team that can perform miracles.
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old warhorse

1. A veteran of some activity or profession (not necessarily the military) who has a wealth of experience going through various trials and tribulations. I know she's a little eccentric, but Janet is an old warhorse in this firm—she's been through more trying court cases than anyone else here. The president's pick for Secretary of State is an old war horse of international trade.
2. A performance or dramatic work, especially a musical, that is widely known and reliably popular due to how long or frequently it has been performed. Announcement that the old war horse was being revived for a run on Broadway sent a collective cheer across the nation. The theater has a few old warhorses that it brings out once or twice a year that it knows will always fill seats.
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perform (something) on (someone or something)

To begin and bring to completion some kind of procedure or activity focused on someone or something. I won't have anything to drink, thanks—I'm performing open-heart surgery on one of my patients tomorrow. He was arrested for performing experiments on animals. We've performed an exhaustive scan on your computer, but we couldn't find any malicious software.
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*old warhorse

a performance piece that is performed often. (*Typically: be ~; become ~; perform ~; play ~.) The symphony orchestra played a few old warhorses and then some ghastly contemporary stuff that will never again see the light of day.
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perform something on someone or something

to do something to someone or something; to carry out a procedure on someone or something. The surgeon performed a simple office procedure on the patient. Do you expect me to perform magic on this problem?
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do/perform/stage a disapˈpearing/ˈvanishing act

(informal) go away or be impossible to find when people need or want you: Ian always does a disappearing act when it’s time to wash the dishes.This refers to a magic trick done by a magician in which they make themselves or another person disappear.
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As a general rule of thumb, the recovery time is two to three times the amount of time it takes to perform the backup.
Peer reviews of firms that perform only compilation engagements under SSARS where the firm has compiled financial statements that omit substantially all disclosures are called report reviews.
Popular Music Ensemble: performs a variety of popular music to include rock, Top 40, country and "oldies" for recruiting, community concerts and authorized official functions
Technique: Moving laterally, perform a skip on the far foot, then a straight leg kick over the near edge of the hurdle, followed immediately by a skip on the near foot and a straight leg kick with the far leg.
SAS 82, titled Consideration of Fraud in a Financial Statement Audit that is effective this year, requires that auditors "prepare a plan and perform an audit to obtain reasonable assurances about whether the financial statements are free of material misstatement; whether caused by error or fraud.
In these cases, there is no need to require the individual to perform services on the company's premises or to work any specified minimum number of hours or any specific time, nor need the company otherwise exercise any control over the performance of the services.
This ongoing training and education helps to ensure that each individual, upon completion of the cross-training, can perform any of the functional duties.
The initial deployments of intelligent switches during the first half of 2006 will support virtualization services, where the switch's intelligence (read: deep packet inspection and operation) will be used to perform virtual disk address to physical disk address translations in addition to supporting RAID (mirroring, striping) features at the array-level.
If a worker must perform services in the order or sequence set by the person for whom the services are performed, that factor shows the worker is not free to follow his or her own pattern of work but must follow the established routines and schedules of the employer.
In addition to performing with Zephyr, she performs with the Lucerne Chamber Players.
The brash George Piper Dances/Ballet Boyz, formed by former Royal Ballet dancers Michael Nunn and William Trevitt, boasts works by Williams Forsythe and Christopher Wheeldon in its repertoire--it performs October 3-4 at University of California at Los Angeles's Royce Hall; October 12 at George Washington University's Lisner Auditorium in Washington, D.
The athlete should - equipment permitting - alternate the way he performs each exercise.
Since the resident partner performs services for the partnership only in the United States, he should be taxable only in the United States on his distributive shares of partnership income.