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perform miracles

To achieve extraordinary results, especially in trying to improve a situation. The therapist we hired has performed miracles with Johnny's behavioral issues. If we're going to bring this company back to its former glory, we'll need a marketing team that can perform miracles.
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*old warhorse

a performance piece that is performed often. (*Typically: be ~; become ~; perform ~; play ~.) The symphony orchestra played a few old warhorses and then some ghastly contemporary stuff that will never again see the light of day.
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perform something on someone or something

to do something to someone or something; to carry out a procedure on someone or something. The surgeon performed a simple office procedure on the patient. Do you expect me to perform magic on this problem?
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do/perform/stage a disapˈpearing/ˈvanishing act

(informal) go away or be impossible to find when people need or want you: Ian always does a disappearing act when it’s time to wash the dishes.This refers to a magic trick done by a magician in which they make themselves or another person disappear.
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The relative inability to act against a small number of poor performers has the effect of making that small number vexing to managers, who are people more used to solving problems than ignoring them.
Based on average pay increases for top performers, percentage of companies awarding raises (not shown) and percentage of employees classified as high performers (not shown).
The rapidly shifting nature of performance notwithstanding, people still buy tickets to see actual performers.
Like Latifah, Walker was a mistress of self-promotion, and her marketing of her image places her as a performer in popular culture.
The show traces the evolution of the musical form itself, from The Black Crook to Wicked, while detailing the contributions of individual creators and performers.
A group of performers congregated in a razed ten-block grid of city streets in Lower Manhattan near the Hudson River; at once intensely urban and intensely not, this liminal site served as a stage for Jonas's work in situ.
Jenn Colella and Michael Arden are two of the performers who sing and dance their way through the music of Bob Dylan in ``The Times They Are A-Changin','' at the Old Globe Theatre in San Diego.
While it has been reported that anxiety increases when there is widely spaced exposure to anxiety ensuing situations, (2) such performances increase the musician's confidence level, and the performer is able to gain self-knowledge within the performance venue.
When I returned to my seat, the performer working on my friend had escalated alarmingly.
Instead, Bitner's concern is the naked confrontation of performer and audience.
has completed the integration of the M-Watch and Performer performance measurement and client reporting systems.
Telemundo, SAG-AFTRA says, also agreed to end "all unlawful performer contract provisions and policies that prevented performers from filing charges with the NLRB against Telemundo and required performers to indemnify Telemundo if it was found to have violated any law.
The basics are easy - the performer will perform on a certain date, at a certain time, for an agreed upon length of time, possibly alongside another act, and some money will be paid.
A porn performer has tested positive for HIV, bringing the US adult film industry to a standstill for the third time this year.