know something full/perfectly/very well

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know full well

To know or be aware of something without any possible doubt. You know full well why I'm upset with you, so there's no use playing dumb! We know full well that many families are struggling to make ends meet, but these tax increases are unavoidable.
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know something ˌfull/ˌperfectly/ˌvery ˈwell

used when you wish to indicate that the person you are speaking to already knows something you have just said or are about to say: You know full well that smoking is forbidden in this room.You know perfectly well what I am referring to.
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The Perfectly Imperfect range has proved extremely popular with Tesco customers, and since it was launched:
Now is the right time to promote Perfectly Clear so more people know about the brand.
Chadwicks' technical expertise and quick response means we have been able to produce the Perfectly Clear drinks range with a distinctive, added-value finish.
JUST cut out the voucher (below) and exchange at any Morrisons store for your free bottle of Perfectly Clear in Heavenly Cherry (500ml).
Its team said: "The brakes as well as all the other safety systems of the car worked perfectly and were in no way associated with the cause of the accident.
Anne Byard, head of fundraising for Against Breast Cancer, said: "We're really pleased to be working with The Perfectly Pink Company who have designed some fun and funky charity T-shirts.
In Leyva's design the transparency of the glass wails will blend perfectly into the street walls.
In a nutshell: That woozy digital rotoscoping technique Linklater used for ``Waking Life'' is perfectly suited for this Philip K.
Once this occurs it will cause extra stress to the body and make it much more difficult for the body to function perfectly.
On its second run, the team's robot started up perfectly.
Jewellery quarter-based Weston Beamor has clinched UK rights to the Superfit ring which has a secret mechanism to ensure a ring fits perfectly for its purchaser.
But there've been so many technological advances in the last year (Cover-Girl TruBlend has microscopic "holes" that let your coloring show through: Clinique Perfectly Real relies on "micro-mirrored pigment" to adjust to any skin tone), that anyone can have beautiful, natural-looking skin.
Twombly emerges, as we have long had reason to assume he would, as an immensely learned and very traditional artist, whose choice of a secondary European identity is perfectly plausible.
Christopher Lane's easy drawl brings to mind the West--and his slightly French-accented dialect for Du Pre fits perfectly.