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cook (something) to perfection

To cook something to an ideal state. Wow, this is delicious—you really cooked this chicken to perfection!
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a counsel of perfection

Instructions or advice given for one to attain an ideal but unfeasible or unrealizable standard. But in the current market, those enter the workforce are coming up against a counsel of perfection, demanding that they have not only a college degree or two, but also several years' experience and a huge list of professional references if they hope to find any job that pays more than minimum wage.
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cook something to perfection

to cook something perfectly. John cooked my steak to perfection. The entire dinner was cooked to perfection!
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a counsel of perfection

advice that is ideal but not feasible.
1986 E. Hall in Home Owner Manual Twice yearly desludging has been recommended but this is probably a counsel of perfection.
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Everyone's vision of perfection is different so in order to pursue it you must identify it, and not settle for anything less than what you see fit to be perfection.
Epson Perfection scanners strive to deliver the best quality and overall value for preserving treasured photos at these price points," said Philip Amato, product manager, scanners, Epson.
The Epson Perfection 3590 Photo automates the whole process and features an Automatic Film Loader.
We can be successful by seeking perfection but not necessarily being perfect.
Bruno moves from the conclusion that being a philosopher is a perfection of being human to the claim that eventually only philosophers, who in some way attain unity with God, are real humans.
He does call us to perfection, but only through His grace.
Her paintings point to perfection for those like her, already secure and centered enough to imagine it.
Under the new rules, New York State law will govern the perfection, its effects -- or non-perfection - and termination of a lender's security interest.
But over the years, chronic dissatisfaction with ourselves and our work can become a source of deep personal unhappiness and illness if we don't learn to accept the fact that the perception of perfection is an ideal, unattainable, and that there can be discrepencies between reality -- what we can achieve -- and what we keep striving to achieve.
Perfection Corporation now offers a complete line of large diameter non-corrosive mechanical couplings, Permasert XL, for joining gas mains.
The entirety of God's creation, its abundance and plenitude "the breadth and the length, the height and the depth," (Ephesians, 3:18), finds its fullest expression and perfection in Christ, the pre-existent pleroma (the fullness of all possible categories of being); in Whom, through Whom, and for Whom all things were created and are completed: "God wanted all fullness to be found in Him and through Him to reconcile all things, everything in heaven and everything on earth, by making peace through His death on the cross" (Colossians,: 19-20).